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Make Space , livre audio


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Make Space: The Essential Guide to Living the Minimalist Lifestyle, Learn The Benefits of Minimalist Living and Discover How You Can Actually Get More Out of Life With Less Things

Due to the popularity of social media and certain influencers and also because of effective marketing as well, most people nowadays think they need to buy lots of stuff they don't actually need. What you probably don't realize is that the more stuff you have, the more stress it can cause you.

This book will teach you all the important information on how you can start living a minimalist lifestyle. It will show you its benefits and how to remove the clutter around you. You then will learn to appreciate the things you currently have already. You will discover how to change your mindset so you don't feel envious whenever you see stuff other people have. You will learn the true meaning of minimalism and how to adapt it in your life.

This audiobook will teach you about the following:

- You Don't Have To Be Bogged Down With "Stuff"

- The First Steps to a Minimalist Lifestyle

- Enjoy The Freedom That A Minimalist Lifestyle Can Offer

- Become More Productive With A Minimalist Lifestyle

- Make Room For The Important Things

- A Minimalist Lifestyle is Good for the Environment

- Save Your Money For Bigger and Better Things

- You Don't Need a Huge Home to Be Happy

- Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

- Enjoy a Happier Life as a Minimalist

Living a minimalist lifestyle is not just removing the clutter from your place but also shifting your mindset and learning to recognize that you don't need many things to be happy in your life.

If you want to have a comprehensive guide on how to make space in your life and live a minimalist life, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.



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Date de parution 18 avril 2022
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