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From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Life Skills Junkie":
Howdy friend, who wants "to improve yourself with better life skills,"
Do you want to improve your life? Yes, that is a rhetorical question...then improve your skills for life!
Life skills are really crucial to have - ranging from interacting with people, to working with all sorts of environments, and to needing the basic motor and cognitive skills to survive and strive.
OK, you might be saying, "But all of these things are what I've been doing my entire life. I already have life skills." Yes, you may have some basic life skills already, but do you have exceptional life skills? Can they be better?
You know deep down, that's probably the truth because wouldn't still be here reading this, right?
Do you want to have better relationship with other people, learn to better manage yourself, improve your learning ability, and charm the world around you no matter wherever you go? Then improve your life skills!
By being a "Life Skills Junkie," you will know:
* What are life skills and how to upgrade them via focusing on the four core aspects of life skills training.
* How to improve mental cognition to acquire knowledge and analyze information faster for learning and critical thinking.
* How to be more flexible and adaptable in order to thrive in different settings, surroundings, and situations.
* How to get along with other people for better relationship and communication within a modern social society.
* How to work on self-management to stay organized and on top of all the things happening in you life.
...and full-satisfied junkie more.
Life skills are the necessities that allow for the daily participation with others and the world around us. Without them, we wouldn't be able to function properly and effectively in everyday life. Get better life skills now today.
Signing off. Your friend,
- The How-To Junkie



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Date de parution 24 octobre 2017
Nombre de lectures 2
EAN13 9781518973628
Langue English
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