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Little Zaid's Journey to Salah , livre audio

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The Islamic Ritualized Prayer is one of the most important pillars of Islam and will be the first thing we’ll be questioned about on the Day of Judgement. It is our duty as parents to teach our kids about the Salah Prayer-- in which we connect with our Creator five times a day. We must start teaching our children as early as seven years old as we were instructed by our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, by creating a positive atmosphere that encourages our child to pray and forming a habit.

★★ Little Zaid’s Journey to Salah ★★ takes us on Zaid’s Salah journey to how he was introduced to the Islamic Ritualized Namaz Prayer. Zaid shares the story of his first trip to his local Masjid (Mosque) with his dad and shares the story of how he went from praying once a day to five times a day.

In this short Islamic Book on Salah Prayer, Zaid learns and teaches about:

What Salah is

What the purpose of Salah prayer is

Why Muslims pray 5 times a day

How to perform wudu (ablution)

How to perform the Salah Namaz Prayer step by step & more!

What better way to teach your child than learning it from a beautiful little story narrated by their peer which features colorful illustrations that they’ll love and to keep them engaged. The story of Zaid’s Journey to Salah is guaranteed to teach kids Salah prayer, inspire kids to pray, and encourage them to love and look forward to praying and connecting with their Creator.

Grab your copy of this cute Namaz Salah Prayer Book & a kids Salah mat so they can learn to pray Salah!

♥♥ About The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection ♥♥

The most significant & longest-lasting inheritance you can gift your child as a parent is a proper Islamic upbringing & knowledge of Islam. As a parent, you must teach your children about Allah (God), the Holy Quran, the religion & lifestyle of Islam, & about Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.



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Date de parution 12 mai 2022
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