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Great Sex Secrets , livre audio


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Have you ever wondered how many times do you think about sex during a day?

An American statistic of some time ago calculated an average frequency of thoughts related to sex equal to 19 per day for males and 10 per day for females...

But the main question is: ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR SEX LIFE??

In this book I have tried to explain to you which is the correct approach, both mental and physical, to obtain the best performance in bed and make your partner addicted to you.

Have you ever been bored while doing it ???

How many times have you thought: I would like something new, to experiment without taboos new positions, new techniques .. but I don't know where to start !!

well, what you will find in my book, it will be a series of simple but effective tricks of the trade, to amaze, amuse and surprise.


Building up the sex toolbox with your partner can be motivational (and that's a big part of what I'm doing for my customers), but skills do come into practice. Sexual desires aren't politically correct and they aren't actually something in real life that you want to happen. They are your private, artistic environment and to embrace your sexual impulses is to let go of shame and own your story as a human being free to run wild sexually. Professionals realize they are perfectly natural. Your body was made for enjoyment. Your mind is limitless and imaginative. Good sex is not something of a divine gift. It's not something seen just by a select few.

Great sex will happen with a little wisdom and a spirit of adventure!

Let's leave together for this trip, don't be shy !! Check out the main topics:

Understanding sexual positions

Using tantric sex

Using dirty talk

Sexual positions

Everything oral

Reaching orgasm


Let's try to make your nights of passion your Mona Lisa!!


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Date de parution 12 mars 2022
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