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Empath & Psychic Abilities , livre audio


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Stop trying to be “normal” just to fit in… embrace your true self, enhance your unique gifts, and experience the happiness you’ve been longing for!
Have you ever been described as overly emotional or too sensitive?
How many times have you found yourself feeling the same way your friend or loved one feels – whether it’s joy, anger, or anxiety?
Do you wonder why you often seem to know exactly what another person thinks or even what they’re about to do?
If you feel that you’re different from most people, you are right. You belong to the extremely rare breed called “empaths,” and currently, only 1 to 2 percent of the population experience the same as you do.
As an empath, you are deeply sensitive and highly attuned to the emotions and energy of others that you literally take on what they’re feeling.
You might not know it yet, but being an empath means having superpowers… including psychic abilities.
You already have those abilities within you – all you have to do is to awaken them. The good news is, this book will tell you exactly how to do that.
Inside, here is just a small fraction of what you will discover:
? 4 key superpowers of an empath – explore more about each and find out how you can develop them
? The secrets to activating your powerful abilities – including tools you can use to fast-track your progress
? What “chakras” are and why they are crucial to your success as an empath
? How you can cleanse your energy – find out how to filter negativity before it consumes you
? Powerful meditations in every chapter that you can use to bring your empathic abilities to a whole new level
And much more.
You have a choice – ignore your empathic abilities and let them go to waste, or start mastering your skills to experience how truly powerful you are.
If you want to nurture your abilities and level up your superpowers as an empath, then scroll up and click “Buy now”.



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