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  • ANTIDOTE TO TOXIC DIET CULTURE: We’ve been told that the key to weight loss is simple: eating less + exercising more = losing weight. But in this book, Hansen flips this dieting script on its head to show you how shifting your focus to learning about your metabolism is the real key to feeling good in your body at any stage of life. 
  • AUTHORED BY AN EXPERT: Megan Hansen is a registered dietitian nutritionist with over a decade of experience, and the method she shares in the book is based on her training, her work with clients, and her own weight-loss journey, in which she shifted her focus from counting calories and trying endless new diets to resetting her metabolism. 
  • STRONG AUTHOR PLATFORM: Hansen is the founder and CEO of Metabolism Makeover, a virtual nutrition-coaching business with a focus on weight loss and metabolic health. Metabolism Makeover has 5,000+ past and present clients and has 1,000+ monthly members, and it is currently used and promoted by 30 certified dietitian coaches in their own practices. Hansen also has an email-newsletter list of 15,000+ subscribers and a strong social media presence with 56,000+ followers on her personal brand Instagram (@megan.the.dietitian), 34,000+ followers on the Metabolism Makeover Instagram (@themetabolismmakeover), and 55,000+ followers on TikTok (@megan.thee.dietitian). 
  • EXISTING MEDIA COVERAGE: Hansen has been quoted, and has contributed to articles as an expert voice, in Martha Stewart Living magazine, EatingWell, Insider, StyleBlueprint, and Medium, among other publications. 

Chapter 1: How You Got Here
Chapter 2: The Metabolic Ecosystem
Chapter 3: Blood Sugar Control / Manage Your BS
Chapter 4: Lean Muscle Tissue
Chapter 5: Movement
Chapter 6: Sleep
Chapter 7: Manage Your Stress
Chapter 8: A Healthy Gut
Chapter 9: The Next Best Choice
Chapter 10: The Final 80%
Chapter 11: There is No Continuity Program



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Date de parution 28 novembre 2023
Nombre de lectures 3
EAN13 9781959411499
Langue English
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