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Facebook Advertising + Dropshipping Shopify + Instagram Influencer 2020 Strategy 3 Books in 1: How to Build a Business Using Social Media Marketing, Create Passive Income Streams and Start your E-commerce on Shopify , livre audio

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Do you want to discover how to grow and scale up your dropshipping business but don’t know what to look for?
Have you ever wanted to use Facebook Ads?
Do you want to grow your business through the best social media company of the moment?
Are you looking for the competitive edge to take your personal brand to new heights and be in control of your career?
In this audiobook, you'll discover:
•Dropshipping - what it is and what it isn’t
•The pros and cons of dropshipping
•The huge potential you can tap into with this business model
•Ways to know if this type of business is a good fit for you
•Steps to build a dropshipping business from scratch - without a huge upfront investment
•All the tools you need to start your online store, source your products, market your products, and monitor and hook your customers to become repeat buyers
•A detailed introduction to Instagram
•How the wonderful world of Instagram works
•How to create an Instagram account in the best way, using a name and a category in your favor
•The essential value of your followers
•The best marketing strategies for influencers
•How to convert your followers into buyers
•Make the best use of the countless successful tools
•Make the best use of algorithms and analysis tools
•More than 10 incredible Facebook features including one that allow you to interact with potential customers without sending them a private message!
•How to open a business page using two-layer permission model that allows you to securely maintain and manage your Pages.
•How to leverage the Facebook Ads Manager to create highly profitable Facebook Ads.
•How to monitor specific actions potential customers take while on your website.
•How to create a highly effective customer avatar that will boost your conversion rates while keeping ad costs extremely low. (
•How to set up a highly converting sales funnel



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Date de parution 25 avril 2020
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