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Good Habits for Healthy Kids 2-in-1 Combo Pack , livre audio


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Discover the Power of Positive Discipline and Transform Your Home Into a Tantrum-Free Haven.
It usually starts with a sound that all parents dread: a whimper.
You know you have just seconds to react before it transforms into a seemingly-everlasting whine.
You jump to try and prevent it, but the quivering of the lower lip has already started, and the eyes are filling with tears.
The crying has begun.
By this point, you’re frantically orbiting your child, filled with a sense of impending doom.
You know what’s coming, and you’re powerless to stop it: a full-blown tantrum.
A mere minute has passed, and you now find yourself swapping screams and trying to outyell your kid.
If situations like these are a normal part of your everyday life, you should know you’re not alone.
Most parents agree that discipline is one of the most challenging things in raising children.
Unfortunately, in many cases this comes down to punishments and shouting.
Not because parents support and enjoy using these harsh methods, but because they’ve tried everything else and failed.
However, experts on child behaviour agree that enforcing compliance this way is doing more harm than good to your kids and can damage your relationship with them.
So what are you to do?
The key lies in finding that precious balance between being an authority figure, but without resorting to crude punishments and raised voices.
This is the power of positive discipline.
In Good Habits For Healthy Kids 2-In-1 Combo Pack, you will discover:
Effective discipline strategies that correct improper behaviour, minimize meltdowns, and help you keep your cool no matter how emotional your child gets
Easy, no-fuss methods for instilling good habits and values into your kids early on
Why spanking and other forms of physical discipline don’t work, and might actually leave life-long negative consequences on your child’s psyche
If you’re ready to learn the secrets of happy parenting, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart



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