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Surviving Squid Game I Am VIP 4 , livre audio


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For all the media hype around the Netflix mega-hit 'Squid Game,' no one from the cast has spoken about the unreal experience of filming the blockbuster series. Of course, many of the actors are Korean and not fully conversant with English. In addition, they are huge stars in their own country. That leaves a gap for the show's millions of fans being informed on the complex inner workings, dramas, trials, and sky-high triumphs which took place over the long hard shoot in Seoul Korea.

Now series star Geoffrey Giuliano (VIP4) comes forward with an exclusive, affectionate tell-all on the genesis of the production and earth-shaking aftermath of this entertainment and cultural landmark. He is in a unique position to do so as he is an acclaimed best-selling author of over 30 books and 800 audiobooks. His work as an actor is well known and now it is his time to shine in 'Squid Game'.

Here then are the riveting on-set secrets from one of the series most unforgettable stars. For everything you know about 'Squid Game,' there's just as much you don't - including insider info on the much anticipated season two! Here is the ultimate insider look at the real 'Squid Game'. Care to play?

Produced by Macc Kay

ICON Intern Eden Garret Giuliano

Cover Image Courtesy Netflix

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Geoffrey Giuliano is the author of over thirty internationally bestselling biographies, including the London Sunday Times bestseller 'Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney' and 'Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison'. He can be heard on the Westwood One Radio Network and has written and produced over seven hundred original spoken word albums and documentaries on various aspects of popular culture. In addition, Giuliano is an occasional lecturer at Northwestern University. He is also a well-known movie actor in such films as 'Squid Game', 'Mechanic Resurrection',



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