Petra Etcetera
90 pages

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90 pages
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Back in the Eighties, the Dribble sisters are like chalk and cheese - studious, nervous, responsible Jo is appalled by the antics of her libidinous, hard-drinking, reckless sister! Join Petra, her friends (and enemies) on a comedic journey filled with drinking, dancing, and snogging the wrong person - who WAS that mysterious biker...?



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Date de parution 01 décembre 2016
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Langue English
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Petra etcetera
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Petra's 19th. Birthday Repercussions #1: Biker Repercussions #2: Mouse Our Friends In The North Girls On Film Epilogue
Petra... #4 sample Back Covers Ady Kermode 1963-2009
This book is a collection of all the printed 'Petra Etcetera' stories from issues #1,#2 and #3, plus an extra 18 pages of inserts and Epilogue that Adrian wrote in about 2005 -he's been bugging me for ages to draw them! I finally got around to starting doing them late in 2008 - which turned out to be just in time - see the back.
- Terry Wiley
Adrian's Original Editorials
Don’t mind me, I’m just the hired help... Actually, I was chuffed to bits when I was asked to write a back-up story for the award-winningSleaze Castle, and while Jo’s sister Petra wasn’t my first choice of characters to write about she’s now my favourite of all the Castle Crew (sorry Panda!). This job also turned into a real nostalgia trip for me, as Terry and I were a writer / artist team years before Dave “Weirdmen Arise” McKinnon came along with his wit, imagination and original ideas! Still, that’s artists for you - fickle bastards! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my “Tale of Sleaze Castle” as much as I enjoyed working on it. Adrian K
Well, who’d have thunk it? I was gobsmacked when my first foray into writing comics got nominated for an Eagle award (although, to be honest, a couple of blokes called Terry and Dave might have helped out here and there…). Even though we didn’t win (a curse upon you and your incredible talent, Paul Grist!), going to the awards ceremony at Bristol’sComics 2000 gave me a taste for fame, fortune and the hard, salty meat of Norwegians, so here I am withPetra... #2– the only comic with a slower release schedule thanDanger Girl! Adrian K.
(And if my ex-girlfriend Lindsey is reading this –Terry made me do it!)
Some readers wrote in to say they can’t get a grip on Petra’s character. I think that’s because I use words and actions to indicate motives instead of more obvious thought balloons (and where I do use “thoughts” I prefer pictures to words as that’s how most people think). After all, unless you’re managing a school for mutants it’s not as if you can see what people are thinking in real life! So there’s a change of pace this issue as Terry and Dave let me loose on a full 24 pages, and the extra space allows Petra to wax philosophical about life and love and gaseous emissions. I’ve had more fun writing this one than any other, and hope you enjoy it as much! Adrian K.
remember it very well. It was a Saturday afternoon, but I don’t know on what date... Downstairs at Mark Toney’s on Grainger Street in Newcastle, for the weekly script catch-up and page exchange. Terry was a bit sheepish, I recall, and offered to pay for lunch. I, as usual, was turning out script at a pace that seemed to be about 3 paragraphs per week - and were both frustrated with my lack of progress. So he carefully broached the idea: Ady Kermode, who we both knew, had come up with a concept to develop some characters in the story who existed as little more than names - the friends of Jo’s sister, Petra; and Terry had suggested that he write it up, and he could be drawing this whilst waiting for me to get into gear. It would also be an entry for Ady into self-publishing, riding our shabby coat-tails. Pressure off! Brilliant! Of course I agreed.
Naturally, because I need to retain some control of the “canon”, I became distracted by the Petra Etcetera timeline (in much the same way as I had with the Tales From... storyline), meddling, and ultimately started adding to and writing for this as well. Ah well... best laid plans and all that. But what you will find here is a very different beast to Sleaze Castle - no wacky dimensions, aliens, or any of that nonsense. Its not something that I think that I could have written... but I would have liked to.
Ady is no longer with us, alas, having rather inconveniently died about 3 years ago - and so never got to see the final collection of his work (put together by Terry and previously released through Lulu), or this eBook... but at least he got to see Watchmen on the big screen! He should be writing this intro, not me. Damn it.
Dave McK. Jan 2012
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