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A People's History of Catalonia , livre ebook


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200 pages

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At every home game of FC Barcelona, at 17 minutes and 14 seconds of play, the 100,000-capacity Camp Nou stadium is filled by the roar of “IN-DE-PEN-DÈN-CI-A!” Time stops for a second. History lives in the present...

Catalonia's national consciousness has deep roots. There are countries twice the size with histories half as interesting. A People's History of Catalonia tells that history, from below, in all its richness and complexity. The region's struggle for independence has, for centuries, been violently resisted, the Catalan language suppressed and its leaders jailed. But the fight of an oppressed nation for its sovereignty has often dovetailed with that of a militant working class for social justice.

From the peasant revolts of the 15th century and the siege of Barcelona in 1714, to defeat in the Spanish Civil War, and the slow re-emergence of the workers' movement and anti-Francoist resistance in the years that followed, Michael Eaude tells a compelling story whose ending has yet to be written.


Part I: From Empire to Province

1. Rise and Fall of the Crown of Aragon

2. The Three Great Class Struggles of the Fifteenth Century

3. Revolution and Republic: 1641

4. Damn Them When You’ve Done: 1714

5. The Inanimate Corpse

Part II: The Working Class Moves Centre-Stage

6. Rose of Fire

7. Free Men and Women

8. The Mass Strike: Europe Burning

9. The Giant Awakes

10. Cradle of the Spanish Revolution: 1936

11. Defeat of the Dictatorship

12. The Difficult Spirit: From Autonomy to Independence









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Date de parution 20 septembre 2022
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A People s History of Catalonia
Catalonia s aspiration to cut loose from the Spanish state is often dismissed as the whim of a self-interested merchant class. The truth is more complicated. As Michael Eaude s sharp, engrossing, and comprehensive historical narrative makes clear, the centuries-long push for Catalan independence is closely entwined with the peasant- and working-class struggle for social justice and democratic government.
-Sebastiaan Faber, author of Exhuming Franco
This well-written study takes us on a much-needed historical journey from below, eloquently capturing the rebellious traditions of Catalonia s assertive and proudly defiant popular classes from medieval times to today. By combining broad strokes and intricate detail, he establishes crucial connections between past and contemporary struggles to produce a vivid picture of the class war in a fractured and divided society that produced, in many respects, the most far-reaching social revolution in European history.
-Chris Ealham, author of Anarchism and the City
This timely and impressive book not only dispels the myths and prejudices about the Catalan people s struggles, so prevalent in Spain and elsewhere, but demonstrates the constant intertwining of the battles for national rights with peasant and working-class revolt from below . A thoroughly recommended read.
-Andy Durgan, historian and author of Voluntarios por la revoluci n
Gives a voice to one of the most rebellious people in Europe whose insurgency reached a pinnacle in 1936 with working-class revolution in Catalonia and continued through the ending of the Franco dictatorship through to today s fight to gain independence in the face of Spanish repression and nationalism. Michael does the Catalan people proud.
-Chris Bambery, author of Catalonia Reborn and Public Point of Enquiry for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia
People s History
History tends to be viewed from the perspective of the rich and powerful, where the actions of small numbers are seen to dictate the course of world affairs. But this perspective conceals the role of ordinary women and men, as individuals or as parts of collective organisations, in shaping the course of history. The People s History series puts ordinary people and mass movements centre stage and looks at the great moments of the past from the bottom up.
The People s History series was founded and edited by William A. Pelz (1951-2017).
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A People s History of Catalonia
Michael Eaude
First published 2022 by Pluto Press
New Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA
Copyright Michael Eaude 2022
The right of the author to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
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ISBN 978 0 7453 4212 2 Hardback
ISBN 978 0 7453 4213 9 Paperback
ISBN 978 1 786808 58 5 PDF
ISBN 978 1 786808 59 2 EPUB
This book is printed on paper suitable for recycling and made from fully managed and sustained forest sources. Logging, pulping and manufacturing processes are expected to conform to the environmental standards of the country of origin.
Typeset by Stanford DTP Services, Northampton, England
Simultaneously printed in the United Kingdom and United States of America
This book is dedicated to the memory of two dear and brave comrades, both of whom continued to fight for revolutionary change despite debilitating ill health:
Mike Polley, 1954-2015, who taught me patience
Pedro Serrano Lobato, 1957-2019, who showed me boldness
List of Figures
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
1. Rise and Fall of the Crown of Aragon
2. The Three Great Class Struggles of the Fifteenth Century
3. Revolution and Republic: 1641
4. Damn Them When You ve Done: 1714
5. The Inanimate Corpse
6. Rose of Fire
7. Free Men and Women
8. The Mass Strike - Europe Burning
9. The Giant Awakes
10. Catalonia, Cradle of the Spanish Revolution: 1936
11. Defeat of the Dictatorship
12. This Difficult Spirit: from Autonomy to Independence
Appendix: Catalan Art Revolution
Many more people than I mention here have enriched my knowledge of Catalonia in 30 years of residence. In particular, I have been taught by the political culture and creative militancy of the activists of En lluita and Anticapitalistes .
Conversations with the following and/or information from them have contributed specifically to this book. Needless to say, responsibility for all errors and stupid remarks is mine alone. Many thanks to:

Jordi Amat i Tarruella, Brian Anglo, Chris Bambery, An bal Besora, Arnau Barquer, scar Blanco, Pere Comellas, Chris Ealham, Mike Gonzalez, Angelina Llongueras, Nick Lloyd, Leo Magriny , D maso Mart n, Fernando Palomo, Maria Rovira i Lastra, Elena Sagrist , Professor Josep Maria Salrach, Joel Sans Molas, Teresa Solana and Robin White.
I am especially grateful to Paul Ambrose, Marisa Asensio, Andy Durgan, David C. Hall and scar Sim n Bueno, who read various chapters and corrected loose syntax, undigested ideas and several embarrassing mistakes. The suggestions of David Castle of Pluto Press have also greatly improved the book.
Authors should explain their prejudice. I ll opt for the late actor Pepe Rubianes succinct summary of the Catalan question:
A m la unidad de Espa a me suda la polla por delante y por detr s.
A polite translation might be: I don t give two fucks for the unity of Spain.
1. Abat Oliba s monastery at Ripoll (D maso Mart n)
2. King Mart s Tower. Pla a del Rei, Barcelona (Marisa Asensio)
3. Gargoyle of a witch, Girona Cathedral (D maso Mart n)
4. Fossar de les Moreres. Mass grave and Memorial to the Dead in 1714 siege, Barcelona (D maso Mart n)
5. Monument at Fulleda (Lleida) to Agustina of Aragon (Elena Sagrist )
6. La nena obrera ( The Working Child ). Painting by Joan Planella i Rodr guez (1885)
7. Plaque to Francesc Layret at Balmes, 26, Barcelona (D maso Mart n)
8. Buenaventura Durruti s commemorative slab in the Montju c cemetery, Barcelona (D maso Mart n)
9. Mural in Girona to commemorate Ant nia Androher (1913-2007) (Chris Bambery)
10. 2019 Wall naming the 1,706 people executed at the Camp de la Bota, Barcelona, from 1939 and (Marisa Asensio)
11. Llu s Llach revolutionising the public with his look (D maso Mart n)
12. Human tower in a pro-independence demonstration (Paul Ambrose)
Abbreviations and Acronyms
ANC Assemblea nacional catalana: Catalan National Assembly
BOC Bloc obrer i camperol: Workers and Peasants Bloc
CCMA Central Anti-Fascist Militia Committee CDR Committees for the Defence of the Republic
CEDA Spanish Federation for Autonomous Rights (Gil Robles party, close to fascism)
CiU Converg ncia i Uni : Convergence and Union (Pujol-led Conservative coalition)
CNT Confederaci Nacional de Treball: National Labour Federation (anarchist-led)
CUP Candidatures d Unitat Popular: Popular Unity Candidacies ERC Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya: Republican Left of Catalonia
FAGC Front d Alliberament Gai de Catalunya: Gay Liberation Front of Catalonia
FAI Federation of Iberian Anarchists
FOC Front obrer catal : Catalan Workers Front FOUS Workers Federation for Unity (POUM trade union) ICE Izquierda Comunista de Espa a: Communist Left of Spain (1930s followers of Trotsky)
IWA International Workers Association
JSU United Socialist Youth
LCR Revolutionary Communist League
LOAPA Organic Bill to Harmonise the Autonomic Process (1982)
ORT Organizaci n Revolucionaria de Trabajadores: Workers Revolutionary Organisation
PCE Communist Party of Spain
POUM Partit obrer d unificaci marxista: Workers Party of Marxist Unification
PP Partido popular: People s Party (right-wing)
PSAN Partit Socialista d Alliberament Nacional: Socialist Party for National Liberation (independentist)
PSC Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya: Catalan Socialist Party PSOE Partido Socialista Obrero Espa ol: Spanish Workers Socialist Party
PSUC Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya: Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia (Communist Party)
UCD Uni n del Centro Democr tico: Union of the Democratic Centre
UGT Uni general de treballadors: General Union of Workers (Socialist)
This is a Glossary of Catalan words used; some Castilian words included are indicated by ( cast. )
Abat: Abbot
A por ellos! ( cast. ): Go get em!
Aiguardent: firewater, coarse brandy
Alianza obrera ( cast. ): Workers Alliance
Almog vers: medieval Catalan and Aragonese wild warriors
(Los) amargados ( cast. ): The embittered
Assemblea de Catalunya: Assembly for Catalonia
Assemblea de Pau i Treva: Sanctuary and Truce Assembly
Associacions de ve ns: Residents Associations
Ateneu: Athenaeum - cultural centre
Barretina: traditional red floppy cap
Barri: neighbourhood
Biga: beam
Botifler: Catalan who sides with Spanish nationalism
Bruixa (pl. bruixes): witch
Bullanga: tumult, riot
Busca: splinter
Cadastre: property tax
Cadells: Pups (sixteenth-seventeenth-century armed gangs defending the Spanish monarchy)
Caf per a tots: coffee for everyone
Call: Jewish quarter
Casa pairal: patriarchal home (traditional

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