Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide
144 pages

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Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide , livre ebook


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144 pages

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Leverage Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions to shape your marketing strategy Key Features a- Learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports. a- Understand the working of the Google Analytics platform. a- Understanding 'Traffic Sources' in Google Analytics. a- Learn how to use Segments in Google Analytics. a- Understand how Cross-Device reporting works in Google Analytics. Description This book will help you learn everything that you need to know about Google Analytics. We will start by setting up the account and updating the settings. Then, we will go through the main reports in Google Analytics will dive deep into the analysis. We will then analyze the users, their behavior, and their sources. This analysis will improve your business and website results. We will also go through the fundamentals of relating Google Analytics data to your marketing strategy. We will explore live examples of analysis with real Ecommerce data and learn approaches to analyze our data. At the end of the book, we will go through the Conversions section in Google Analytics. By the end of the book, you will be able to make informative decisions based on data related to your website visitors. What will you learn a- Learn how to set-up a Google Analytics account. a- Understand how to read all the reports in Google Analytics. a- Perform complex analysis based on the data in the reports. a- Learn how to relate the Google Analytics data to your marketing strategy. a- Read and analyze Conversion reports based on real Ecommerce data. Who this book is for This book is designed for business owners and webmasters who want to use Google Analytics to make better decisions and improve their sales. Table of Contents 1. Google Analytics Step-by-step setup. 2. Google Analytics reports explained. 3. 7P's of Marketing and Google Analytics. 4. Your audience - your business. 5. The heartbeat of the Google Analytics: Acquisition & Behavior Reports. 6. Conversions. The final goal. About the Author Grigor Yovov is a certified Google Ads and Google Analytics expert and a bachelor in Marketing. He has over 20,000 students from 153 countries in the world's biggest learning platform Udemy, where he creates courses related to Google Ads, Google Analytics and Business Development. In 2011 he founded his own digital marketing agency called Business Trend serving clients all around the world. Your Blog links: Your LinkedIn Profile:



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Date de parution 03 septembre 2020
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Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide

Get Tips to Boost Your Traffic and Sales Using Google Analytics

Grigor Yovov
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Dedicated to
Villy, Tsveti and Tedi My family who supported me all year long during the creation of this book
About the Author
Grigor Yovov is a certified Google Ads and Google Analytics expert and a bachelor in Marketing. He has over 20,000 students from 153 countries in the world’s biggest learning platform Udemy, where he creates courses related to Google Ads, Google Analytics and Business Development.
Grigor is known with his strong analytical skills and business development approaches. He performs advertising strategy consultation in variety of niches and hundreds of companies in the last 10 years.
The most unique in the Grigors’ work is his practically oriented approach to the advertising industry. He is the common sense opposition to the main stream marketers used to sweeten their talk and use big words. Instead Grigor choses to base his work on math and the direct business effect in his consultation practice.
In 2011 he founded his own digital marketing agency called Business Trend serving clients all around the world. Grigor has a Top Rated account in the world’s largest platform Upwork with a 100% rating of satisfied customers.
About the Reviewer
With over ten years of experience in marketing, Mitko Ivanov is a growth hacker with a twist on SEO, local SEO and eCommerce. He’s currently running a marketing services company and working on his own projects that excites him. Mitko enjoys taking part in various industry events both as a speaker and as an attendee. Best way to connect with him is Linkedin.
There are a few people I want to thank for the continued and ongoing support they have given me during the writing of this book. First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife Villy and my daughter Tsvetomira and my son Theodor for putting up with me while I was spending many weekends and evenings on writing—I could have never completed this book without their support.
This book wouldn’t have happened without the support from my friend and colleague Mitko Ivanov from Expansion Marketing.
Last but not least, I would like to thank the whole BPB Publications team for giving me this opportunity to write my first book for them.
Google Analytics is the leading world platform of measuring and tracking the websites traffic and results. It allows collecting information from the users’ location, system specification and goes on with the traffic source information. Then it tracks the user behavior through the website journey. Finally it measures the business goals achieved through the website.
The data analysis within Google Analytics involves variety of techniques and approaches. This book is especially created to help the business and the web developers to interpret the data and bring it to live business conclusions and ideas.
Chapter 1: How to properly set up a Google Analytics account. How to make the most important account settings in your first day with Google Analytics.
Chapter 2: Google Analytics reports explained. There are a few major sets of reports in Google Analytics. Understanding the reports structure and meaning will allow you to go further with the analysis of the data.
Chapter 3: The relation of Marketing with Google Analytics. Learn to make the connection between your marketing strategy and Google Analytics data.
Chapter 4: What is your audience? Learning more about your audience will give your ideas and insights that will affect directly your sales and business.
Chapter 5: Acquisition and Behavior. Learn to analyze deeply the sources of traffic of your website and the user behavior on it.
Chapter 6: Conversions - the most interesting to analyze reports in Google Analytics. They measure the direct impact of your efforts to the business and sales.
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Table of Contents
1. Google Analytics Step-By-Step Set Up
Setting up a Google Analytics account
Installing the tracking code
Admin settings for Google Analytics
Granting access to users
Connecting Google Analytics and Google Ads (AdWords)
Creating remarketing audiences
Creating views and backing up your account
Changing the session duration
2. Google Analytics Reports Explained
Structure of the Google Analytics Platform
Visualizing data with tables and charts. Dimensions and metric explained
Explaining dimensions and metrics
Custom Reports
Saved Reports
Custom Alerts
Realtime Reports
Traffic Sources
Audience Reports
Active Users
Lifetime Value
Cohort Analysis
User Explorer
Mobile report
Users Flow
Acquisition Reports
Behavior Reports
Behavior Flow
Explaining the Conversions section
3. 7P’s of Marketing and Google Analytics
Understanding the 7 P’s of Marketing
Applying Google Analytics to the Marketing Mix
A “Place” to start with Google Analytics
“Price” your data
Google Analytics “Promotion”
For the “People” and the machines
Processing marketing “Process”
What Google Analytics could tell you about your “Product”
Creating an analysis path within the overall marketing plan
4. Your Audience – Your Business
Understanding who your users are
5. The Heartbeat of Google Analytics:

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