Bitcoin Blockchain
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259 pages

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Learning Bitcoin SV: The Original Bitcoin & Global Public Blockchain for Enterprise Key Features a- Get familiar with the working of the Bitcoin network, protocol, transactions, Smart contracts and the incentive models of Bitcoin. a- Learn advanced concepts such as Metanet and Tokenized protocol. a- Work with tools and utilities to build consumer and enterprise applications. a- Get a full explanation of cryptography and its math in Bitcoin. Description In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released a codebase and whitepaper for a network that came to be known as the Blockchain. It was the first successful attempt to create electronic money after decades of failed attempts across the world. However, the basis of its success is not just the digitalization of currency into electronic form, but its peer-to-peer node network and the public storage of all transactions in time-stamped blocks chained together called as Timechain in the whitepaper. It also introduces a non-trusted third party transaction processor, which replaces the current centralized trust-based systems. What happened next is history, and today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry across the world. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision Blockchain restored the original version of the Bitcoin protocol and it is now a thriving developer, business and enterprise ecosystem. This book offers a practical deep dive into every aspect of the Bitcoin protocol. It includes the math behind the Cryptography and a detailed overview of the application-level protocol, which works on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain network. It also focuses on the core principles and fundamental concepts of Bitcoin to explain the constructs of a Blockchain type system. What will you learn a- You will learn the internal workings of Bitcoin and get the ability to understand most blockchains that exist. a- Create applications using bitcoin as a public registry and a data storage ledger. a- Create and store data on Blockchain as DAG. a- Discover and get familiar with the advanced Application layer protocols. a- Get familiar with the law and regulations applicable to Bitcoin. Who this book is for This book is for anyone who is interested in exploring blockchain technology. It will appeal to Developers, Architects, Technology Managers and Executives who wish to build new or transform their existing applications to a blockchain based system to gain efficiencies in Cost, Scalability, Security and Robustness. Table of Contents 1. Bitcoin Protocol Overview : Origins and Concept 2. Economic model of Bitcoin and network structure for nodes 3. Cryptography and ECDSA Infrastructure 4. All about wallets 5. Transactions and Transaction Scripts 6. Miners and Nakamoto Consensus 7. Metanet Protocol : Data Structures on Blockchain 8. Bitcom and Other Application Protocols 9. Data Carrier Transactions : BitDB and Querying bitcoin as database 10. Planaria and other utilities 11. Real world Applications 12. Identity and Authentication on BitCoin : Paymail 13. Tokens and the Tokenized protocol for building real world utilities 14. Going into future : AI/ML, Big Data, IOT 15. BitCoin and Law About the Author Kapil Jain is a technology professional working in the IT departments of large US and European organizations working in the Banking and Financial industry. He has done his engineering degree from Sri GS institute of technology and sciences, Indore, and has played the role of programmer, business analyst, architect, project, and program manager over the 18 years of his experience in the industry. He continues to work in his professional capacity for a global bank's core payment department. He comes from a wealth of experience in Financial applications built on Mainframes and works to modernize those applications using Microsoft and Java-based tech stacks, cloud infrastructure, including building serverless applications.



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BitCoin Blockchain

Protocol for Micropayments

Kapil Jain
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About the Author
Kapil Jain is a technology professional working in the IT departments of large US and European organizations in the Banking and Financial industry. He has done his engineering degree from Sri GS institute of technology and sciences, Indore, and has played the role of programmer, business analyst, architect, project, and program manager over the 18 years of his experience in the industry.
He has a wealth of experience in Financial applications built on Mainframes and works to modernize those applications using Microsoft and Java based tech stacks, cloud infrastructure, including building serverless applications. He has also developed applications with Open source tech stack like MERN and experimented with AI/ML algorithms. He has been deeply involved in the Bitcoin protocol for the last 3 years and also has experimented with various other blockchains like Ethrereum along with EEA (Permissioned version of Ethereum), Hyperledger and Ripple.
He has also been a panel member at a couple of conferences organized by Alliance University on blockchain and AI. In his leisure time, he likes to attend workshops and conferences and likes to play chess.
About the Reviewer
Jason Fernandes is an entrepreneur, speaker and blockchain industry figure. Fernandes founded FinTech media outlet TokenJay.TV, internet portal and co-invented the world’s first Internet-based DVR, RecordTV. In 2019, Fernandes was conferred with the Karmaveer Chakra, a United Nations global civilian award for his work promoting financial inclusion through blockchain. Fernandes has featured in international outlets like the BBC, LA Times, Associated Press, MTV, ChannelNewsAsia, and national outlets like India Today, ZeeTV and the Times of India.
I have written this book in my journey to learn the bitcoin protocol. During this journey, I have read many books, blogs, and also sometimes code and training from various blockchain projects, which made me sure about what my views are about the bitcoin blockchain and its protocol. I wanted to acknowledge and thank, first and foremost, Satoshi Nakamoto, whose writings I have read to get the initial and basic understanding of the protocol.
Behind the monikar, there is someone who is not so silent and a genius with numerous certifications, 17 university degrees and counting, 1000+ patents filed with 100s granted, going by the name of Dr. Craig Steven Wright . Everything I know about bitcoin is because of all the literature that I have gone through again and again that Dr. Craig Wright has so prolifically been publishing all these years. I could not thank him more than to say, if not for him, there would not have been this entire space. He is an inspiration to me personally to look up to someone who has done and created so much that I never thought was even possible to do for a human being. His depth in understanding all spheres of life is as good as humanly possible. In addition to his writings, there are many presentations by him available on bitcoin protocol on youtube published by CoinGeek during various conferences, which are a good reference along with the patents that he has created on blockchain technology available online. I could not have been able to write this book or understand bitcoin protocol, if not for Dr. Wright . Thanks again for all of your hard work Dr. Wright .
The next person I wanted to thank is someone behind the avatar Unwriter. A lot of tools and utilities and early application layer protocols on bitcoin were created by Unwriter, and I have dedicated many pages to them in the book. It was a journey for me as well to learn those application protocols and frameworks while writing about them and would like to thank Unwriter for her creations, which I have been inspired and learning a lot from. Those who have read Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged , will be able to relate to the mythology of the 20th century motor company, and John Galt . Unwriter seems to play with this mythology as well and has left the chatroom she created in 2018 called 21st century motor company, to create a slack developer group called Atlantis where she was able to continue work without the bureaucracy that throttled innovation. Much like John Galt , Unwriter has not stopped working and has created a company called Planaria Corp, and if you end up being a bitcoin developer you can come and join Atlantis:
The next person I wanted to thank is Ryan X Charles . He is one of the first sane voices that I found when I started listening, reading, and exploring the bitcoin ecosystem. He had created a company called that time (2017) which was a bitcoin micropayment based content creation platform for user blogs. It still exists, but only in the form, it was many years ago as Ryan went on to create moneybutton while solving a problem of how to not have static bitcoin addresses on Ryan has also created the javascript BSV library of cryptographic tools needed for basic bitcoin development, and it is a very good starting point for any developer working with cryptography and how it is used in bitcoin. Moneybutton has been one of the first applications a new user will come across while using bitcoin. It still stands out for both educational resources, easy to use tools, and one of the pioneering companies in this space.
I would specifically like to thank the few members from the nChain team whose videos and blogs I have read to learn from, namely Steve Shadders and Jack Davis . In addition to that, I would like to thank many many contributors and voices in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem who I had been reading silently over these years and learning from them.
Further on, I would like to thank many many names that I have come across and learned a lot from the overall open source developer and business ecosystem in Bitcoin SV.
I want to also thank BPB Publication for giving me the opportunity to write this book. I would specially like to thank their very professional and supportive team that gave me guidance and creative freedom throughout writing of this book.
Finally, I would like to thank and acknowledge my parents, who have always motivated and supported me in all of my endeavors in life.
If you have picked up this book, you are probably aware of the extraordinary progress that blockchain has made in the last decade since its inception with the bitcoin whitepaper. I see that as the tip of an iceberg, and my aim in this book is to walk you through the intricacies to demonstrate the full potential of what really is a blockchain and why it is an innovation that stands to change the world of the internet as we know it.
There is a large amount of investment and work ongoing as we talk today in not just the enterprise and government space, but also in a passionate and very talented open source developer community. Bitcoin SV or Satoshi vision is an attempt to go back to the original protocol, which was released by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008. It has taken 3 years (2017 to 2020) to remove all of the limitations that were introduced in the system, contradicting the economic utility of the original system of electronic peer to peer cash system. There are still minor things that need to be rolled back, and doing so, with keeping backward compatibility, is an arduous task that is currently being done by the bitcoin node software developer team at nChain.
Working in Banking, I have been involved with traditional payment solutions, including the legacy systems that were built in the 80s and are still operational. There is a large overhead due to the amount of technical debt built over the years and backward compatibility considerations apart from the issue of local payment types and message formats that each country has. This creates a huge amount of complexity in a core payment engine, which is used by banks to process these payments. With the more and more digital transformation of economies, the cost of processing a payment is becoming quite large when many of these payments are not supposed to have any fees. I was introduced to blockchain in the year 2016 when my employer wanted to explore permissioned blockchain solutions for smart contracts. We were part of the R3 consortium and did some work to explore the technology. We had little success wherein many POC and MVPs

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