24 Hours Is All It Takes
83 pages

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24 Hours Is All It Takes , livre ebook


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83 pages

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  • ONE DAY AT A TIME: Making a change, no matter how big or small, can sometimes feel like a daunting task. In 24 Hours Is All It Takes, Risi provides guidance on how to make and maintain small, significant changes in your daily life that will lead to better time management, creating healthy habits, and overall help you live your best life at work and at home.  
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS FOR A BUSY LIFE: Packed with practical tools, 24 Hours Is All It Takes offers guidance that can be incorporated into anyone’s existing routine easily. 
  • EXPERT ADVICE: Risi’s approach to habits, daily routines, and time management are drawn from her lived experience of starting her career as a struggling single parent of three small children to her current success as president and CEO of one of the largest real estate brokerages in North America. 



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Date de parution 25 avril 2023
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EAN13 9781954854932
Langue English

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Published by Girl Friday Books™, Seattle www.girlfridaybooks.com
Produced by Girl Friday Productions
Cover design: Emily Weigel Production editorial: Bethany Fred Project management: Sara Spees Addicott
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-954854-92-5 ISBN (ebook): 978-1-954854-93-2
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022947391

Habit 1: Own Your Mornings, and You’ll Own the Day
Habit 2: Plan Ahead, But Prepare to Pivot
Habit 3: Embrace Your Daily Rituals
Habit 4: Chip Away at Change
Habit 5: Live Authentically
Habit 6: Break It Down
Habit 7: Learn the Art of Saying No
Habit 8: Be Present
Habit 9: Recognize Communication Styles
Habit 10: Power Up!
Habit 11: Manage Your Social Media Presence
Habit 12: Take Inventory
Habit 13: Practice Gratitude
Habit 14: Take Care of Yourself
Habit 15: Get Some Sleep
Final Thoughts
Author’s Note
About the Author

How often have you found yourself looking at someone you admire and asked yourself, How do they do it?
I used to wonder this myself. I’d look at people who seemed to have had ordinary opportunities and resources, but who were thriving in extraordinary ways. These people were driven and seemed to be living lives aligned with their purposes, whatever those might have been. And they seemed to be genuinely happy. They were living the best version of themselves.
What are they doing differently? What is their secret?
Flash forward many years and countless mistakes and missteps later. Through a process of trial and error (and heavy doses of discipline and drive), I now often —and very humbly —find myself on the other side of this equation as people ask me, “What’s your secret? How do you do it?”
Everybody wants to know the secret. And once upon a time, I did too. Let’s get real. A foolproof formula for success, some added edge to catapult you ahead of the pack? Who wouldn’t want that!
So if you’re interested, let’s just cut to the chase and get this “secret” out into the open right now. You want to know what it is?
Ready? Lean in close. Are you listening?
The secret is . . . *crickets*.
I’m sorry to burst your bubble here, but the simple fact is —there isn’t one. Niente. Nada. Zero. . . . There’s just no secret to success. Nothing is that easy.
But here’s the good news: you’ve already got what you need to start living your best life. Seriously! It’s already within you, most of it sitting untapped, just waiting for you to call it to the surface.
Fortunately —and I know this for a fact —you’ve got this! How do I know? Because you’ve picked up this book (or tuned in to this audio recording) and sparked that first change. Obviously, you’re curious about making changes, and you’ve turned that curiosity into action. There’s no question in my mind that you’re capable. So now let me ask you: Are you ready and willing to do what it takes?
Forget about “secret formulas” and shortcuts, because real, lasting change is all about putting in the work and seeing it through until positive behaviors become life-changing habits.
At any stage of life, we are all just a work in progress as we strive to better ourselves, educate ourselves, and, hopefully, experience growth along the way. It is through constantly evolving that we move forward in life, and while not every phase or evolution is necessarily the best one for us —and not every path we follow is the right one —every decision we make ultimately translates to experience that supplies us with the wisdom to help carry us into the next phase.
Imagine yourself as you are in this very moment —whatever your situation, good or bad, and however you are feeling about your life and circumstances. Now, imagine staying at this point, in this place, forever. Seems like a pretty stale life, right? Even if things are pretty good right now, staying stuck in this spot would eventually feel like wearing cement shoes in a race while everyone else jogs past you. Life keeps happening around you, but there you are, weighed down in one spot. That’s no way to live!
Because the world is ever-changing, our lives must be engaging and fulfilling if we want to thrive.
My goal here is to share what I know and motivate you to kick-start a better life, full of the things that turn your energy on and up, starting with some small but significant changes in your day. I know that you’re busy; we all are. But if you’re serious about living your best life, you’re going to have to acknowledge one very important point from the start:
Nothing changes if nothing changes .
Read that again. Nothing changes —not a damn thing —if nothing changes. And it’s up to each of us to create the space for change.
By now, we’ve established that there’s no simple “recipe for success,” right? This is typically the first barrier that people run into when trying to make positive changes to their lives, because the word success can represent so many different things to different people. What I’ve discovered on my journey is that how close we get to success, both in our personal and professional lives, is entirely up to us and depends on our personal definition. So here’s my second key point for you to keep in mind as you explore the chapters in this book:
Success is whatever you imagine it to be.
Whether that means one day achieving your dreams as you originally envisioned them, or reimagining your goals as you go, the journey and its outcome are whatever you make of them. And while the possibilities really are limitless, you should start by at least generally defining what success means to you. Don’t get stuck on traditional definitions of the word, or what it looks like to others. This is about you. Take a moment to consider what it is you feel you’re lacking in your life. What’s missing? What would complete the picture for you?
Go beyond the material stuff : the car you wish you drove, the extra square footage you fantasize about in your house to escape from the kids, that inground pool you’re about ready to dig yourself. Go deeper and try to unearth the things of substance —feelings, accomplishments, moments of joy —that you believe you’re missing out on. Make note of what comes to mind —the more specific, the better. Then set it aside for now, but keep this image handy because you will need to continue working on this as you make your way through this book.
Before we move on, I want to share a little background on how this book came to be.
In early 2019, I found myself at Indigo, Canada’s leading bookstore, wandering the bookshelves for my next great read. Or to be more precise, for my next audiobook download. (What can I say? I’m an avid listener . So if my words are coming to you through headphones, or your car’s Bluetooth, well, that’s something we’ve got in common!)
Back to the story: Armed with my espresso and a little time to myself, I made my way over to my usual go-to terrain —biographies, business, and health and wellness. The store sells a lot more than books, and my route took me past displays of weighted blankets and candles. I love candles and instantly picked out a few. I nearly stopped at a satisfyingly neat stack of colorful workout gear and gadgets (I get distracted easily, and we’ll circle back to how I handle this later), then reminded myself that new books were the focus today. I went on to explore a section of shelves dedicated to self-improvement. Finding myself in the aisle dedicated to “habit-based” books, I stopped in my tracks. Some of the covers, with their bold and commanding titles, almost shouted out from the shelves with guarantees, affirmations, and calls to action: Best Self: Be You, Only Better ; Take Control of Your Life ; Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life ; A Year of Positive Thinking ; Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself .
There was a habit-based angle for everyone, but this didn’t surprise me. The power of habit has been a major talking point in business for as long as I can remember, and while some might brush off the importance of good habits as common sense, I am a firm believer in the power of habit in the sense that it can offer both motivation and positive reinforcement. I also believe in the power of shared experience, whether it comes from a book, a podcast, or a person at a live event. All that wisdom and energy from others has proven effective and deeply impactful for me.
My first foray into the world of motivational wisdom was back in the early 1990s, still relatively early in my career. I was working as a real estate sales agent at one of my very first brokerages when opportunity came knocking. Literally.
A young man who identified himself as a “road rep” came into the office to promote an upcoming motivational event featuring a fresh voice on the scene: Tony Robbins. At first, that name sounded unfamiliar to me, but then the rep described Tony as a captivating young man with a towering build, booming voice, and inspiring backstory. Larger than life. Okay, now this sounded familiar. I had heard of him as someone who had been gaining a lot of traction in the business world for his thunderous persona, animated delivery, and innovative concepts.
“Do you want to change your business for the better —and

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