Napoleon Hill s Success Masters
109 pages

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109 pages

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Your possibilities for success are endless.

Success is a shapeshifter. Its form changes with the wind, and it cannot be caught or tamed. Often, it feels utterly unattainable. But rather than putting "success" in a box, claiming there's only one path to achieve it, Napoleon Hill has proven in his work that the one thing you really need to succeed is simple: You.

Napoleon Hill's Success Masters is your blueprint to discover the winner inside you and earn the success you desire—with essays from motivational powerhouses including Napoleon Hill alums like Paul Harvey, W. Clement Stone, Henry van Dyke, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Earl Nightingale. Dive in and learn how to:

  • Master yourself with a positive mindset and a winner's habits
  • Create a problem-solving model that works for you in any situation
  • Harness the sales pitch that will transform your business
  • Turn your day-to-day obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • Stay strong through every setback by focusing on moving forward
  • Make stronger decisions with curiosity, creativity, and confidence
  • Develop an action plan to improve your productivity
  • Maximize every hour, even while waiting, driving, or sleeping

Plus, work between the lines, along the margins, and beyond the pages with personal development checklists, exclusive action items, and more from the experts at Entrepreneur.



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Date de parution 24 septembre 2019
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napoleon hill s
success masters
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ebook ISBN: 978-1-61308-410-6
by Don M. Green, Executive Director of Napoleon Hill Foundation
by the Editors of Entrepreneur
How to Use This Book
Harness the Power of Your Imagination
Developing the Habits of a Winner
by Dr. Denis Waitley
Entrepreneur Action Item: Know the Eight Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs
Every Problem Has a Solution
by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
The Solution Is Right in Front of You
Think Your Way to a Solution
Believe You Can Overcome Obstacles
Relax to Win
Entrepreneur Action Item: Rewire Your Brain to Be More Positive
Theory of Compensation
by Ralph Waldo Emerson with comments by W. Clement Stone
A Note from W. Clement Stone
Entrepreneur Action Item: Make Time for Mentorship
by Paul Harvey
We Are All in Sales
Selling the Idea of America
Selling Optimism
Selling Self-Discipline
Entrepreneur Action Item: Using Sales Secrets to Position Yourself as an Expert
The Other Wise Man
by Henry Van Dyke
A Classic Tale with a Twist
Entrepreneur Action Item: What Smart Entrepreneurs Know About Problem-Solving
How to Overcome Discouragement
by J. Martin Kohe
Avoid Perfection Syndrome
Lighten Up
Agree to Disagree
Don t Give Up So Quickly
Always Have an Exit Strategy
Perseverance Is Key
Entrepreneur Action Item: 15 Ways to Drown Out Discouragement
Facing Life Successfully
by Earl Nightingale
The Answer Is in The Problem
Risk Equals Reward
Don t Sit on Your Goals
Avoid Groupthink
Avoid the Effects of Affluence
Make Up Your Mind
Define Happiness
Set Goals and Be a Lifelong Learner
Entrepreneur Action Item: How to Live with Purpose and Stay Focused on Long-Term Goals
Self Development
by Earl Nightingale
Collect Your Rocks Wisely
The Role of Money in Society and Business
Your Self-Development
Finding Personal Freedom
Let Go of Fear
Be Service-Minded
Bring Your Ideas to Life
Choose Your Path
Entrepreneur Action Item: Create Your Self-Development Mindset
Action Plan for Success: Your Psychological Needs
by Dr. Lacy Hall
Identify Your Needs
Create a Needs Inventory
Take Actions That Honor Your Needs
Insights from W. Clement Stone on Goals, Success, and How to Think
Entrepreneur Action Item: This Is What It Takes to Spark Change in Your Life
How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life
by Alan Lakein
An Introduction by Og Mandino
Learn How to Do Less
Change Your Situation by Maximizing Your Time
When Perfectionism Helps and When It Doesn t
Procrastinate Positively
Entrepreneur Action Item
Making Time Is Your Most Important Business Resource
Power Over Problems
by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Start by Connecting with Others
Growing Positively Through Problems
Problems Are Part of Life
It s All about Attitude
Think Positively
Harness the Power of Enthusiasm
Entrepreneur Action Item: Use Six Principles for Overcoming Entrepreneurial Adversity
A Reader s Guide to Napoleon Hill s Success Masters
Discussion Questions
About Napoleon Hill
Don M. Green, Executive Director of Napoleon Hill Foundation
W hen W. Clement Stone, former chair of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, was given a copy of Think and Grow Rich , he was surprised that the principles listed in that book aligned with what he was already doing.
Mr. Stone was raised by his mother and learned two of Napoleon Hill s principles at an early age. His mother was a seamstress and W. Clement worked on the streets of Chicago to earn money as a newspaper boy. At the age of six, he was much smaller than most of the other newspaper boys and was often bullied for selling newspapers on what the other boys referred to as their corner.
One day, W. Clement went into a restaurant and after selling a few newspapers was escorted to the door by the restaurant owner. Shortly thereafter, he returned to the same restaurant and began selling newspapers again. However, the owner forced him to leave for the second time. He returned to the restaurant for the third time, and the customers thought the ordeal was unacceptable, so they asked the restaurant owner to leave him alone.
His persistence, though, stood out. It is easy to see that Mr. Stone began practicing persistence at an early age. Apple founder Steve Jobs said that persistence was the most valuable trait he possessed.
W. Clement Stone s mother also taught him the importance of faith. No matter how tough the day had been, W. Clement and his mother always knelt at the foot of their beds and gave thanks. Practicing his faith helped him immensely as founder of Combined Insurance, a large and successful insurance broker, today known as Aon.
Even though Mr. Stone read Think and Grow Rich at a later age, he had already applied all the success principles to his insurance business. Starting with only $100, he built a fortune so large that he gave away hundreds of millions of dollars prior to his death at age 100.
In 1952, W. Clement Stone met the 69-year-old Napoleon Hill at a dental convention. At Mr. Stone s insistence, they formed an alliance and worked together for ten years, spreading the success principles that Napoleon Hill is known for the world over.
W. Clement Stone invested $500,000 to publish books with Napoleon Hill. Together, they wrote Success through a Positive Mental Attitude in 1960, which continues to sell well today.
Hill and Stone completed numerous speaking engagements and seminars all across the country. Many times, Mr. Stone would hold private conventions for his employees and hire well-known motivational speakers. He would record their lectures and furnish them to his employees for encouragement. This book is a composition of advice from some of these well-known speakers, enhanced by content and context for today s entrepreneur from the editors at Entrepreneur Media . Together, these two powerhouse brands showcase some of the best-known tenets of what it means to truly master success.
By the Editors of Entrepreneur Media Inc .
S uccess is a shapeshifter. It looks different on each of us. What might exemplify success for one person may be anathema to another. One person s success may be wrapped in the temporal realm of money, power, or even fame. Another person s success may be defined by how they spend their time, or the connection between their work and passion. Yet another s may be defined in terms of what they don t have, as much as what they do.
No matter how you define it, we all seek success in one form or another. And the journey to find it can be long and often daunting. We hope for quick solutions; we don t often find them. We set our goals; often, too high. We depend on others to lay a path toward success for us, but it s not on them to do so. Ultimately, we find that the true key to success lies within.
Napoleon Hill knew this. He knew that success was entirely dependent on one element: you. And what YOU bring to the table is all you need to master the art of success, however you choose to define it.
Many well-known and trusted writers and speakers in the personal growth universe also knew that success is entirely dependent on the person who seeks it. That s why they have been chosen by The Napoleon Hill Foundation as Masters of Success. In this book, personal development visionaries like W. Clement Stone, Earl Nightingale, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale share their time-honored insights into success: how you can define it, how you can achieve it, and how you can hold onto it. Though each author approaches success differently, they all agree that the key to mastering success is inside each of us.
The selections in this book from some of Napoleon Hill s timeless visionaries run the gamut from inspirational to practical. As you read, keep in mind that each essay is a product of its time and place. As such, some language usage and sentence construction may seem unfamiliar to you. We have opted to retain as much of the original tone and voice of the authors as possible, providing some updates for modern sensibilities, including headings to help you navigate the content. Our editors have also included some brief editorial comments as needed, which are noted in brackets.
Each selection includes a brief introduction, tips for the reader from our editors, and an Entrepreneur Action Item section to help you apply the lesson from each visionary to your own life and experience in a practical, actionable way. At the end of the book, you ll find a brief reader s guide packed with thought-provoking quest

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