Napoleon Hill s First Editions
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129 pages

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The Best of Napoleon Hill's Early Works with Commentary from Entrepreneur Media for Today's Modern World

Entrepreneur Media presents the best of Napoleon’s early works enhanced by the voices and hard-earned insights of today's modern entrepreneurs, small business owners, and thought leaders. These two well-known and sought-out brands have decades of how-to, self-help knowledge to bridge the gap between generations of entrepreneurs to teach them how to master their personal and professional success as they run, start, and grow their enterprises.



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by Don M. Green
by the Editors of Entrepreneur
What You Need to Know
The End of the Rainbow
A Personal Inventory of the Seven Turning Points In My Life
When a Person Loves Their Work
Permanent Success
The Magic Ladder to Success
The Power of Organized Effort
The Master Mind
Some Interesting Facts Concerning Character Analysis
Your Personal Success Profile Questionnaire
Contemplative Reflections By Napoleon Hill
A Reader s Guide to Napoleon Hill s First Editions
Don M. Green, Executive Director of Napoleon Hill Foundation
N apoleon Hill was born in 1883 in the mountains of Southwest Virginia in a two-room cabin in an area that was noted for three things-feuds, moonshine, and ignorant people. In an unpublished autobiography, Hill reflecting on his childhood said, For three generations my people had been born, lived, struggled in ignorance and poverty, and died without having been outside the mountains of that section. Hill often mentioned those early years of his life in his articles, speeches, and books.
Being born in a remote area with very few opportunities for success, Napoleon had experienced the tragedy of losing his mother when he was only 9 years old. Within one year after the loss of his mother, Napoleon s father remarried and Hill s stepmother quickly took a liking to him and saw his potential. Napoleon s stepmother was educated-the daughter of a doctor and the widow of a school principal. She encouraged Napoleon to write and while still a teenager, he was turning out simple news items.
Napoleon finished a local two-year high school and made the decision to attend a business school. His desire was to become a male secretary (what we would now refer to as an administrative assistant). Upon completion of the business school, Hill wrote General Rufus Ayres for a job-probably because of Ayres wealth. Ayres, a lawyer by profession was a true entrepreneur, having his own banking business, coal business, and lumber business. Hill went to work for Ayres and his new passion was to become a lawyer.
Napoleon convinced his brother, Vivian, to apply to Georgetown Law School. Hill, an eternal optimist, told Vivian that he would support both of them and he got a job writing for a magazine owned by Bob Taylor, former governor of Tennessee and a United States senator. Writing success stories compiled from Hill s earlier interviews would define his life s work.
One of Napoleon Hill s first interviews was with Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie was an interesting study in success principles. He came to the United States as a 12-year-old and with very little education. Carnegie had advanced quickly and by the age of 35, he was one of the country s empire builders. Combining various steel makers into a conglomerate in the form of U.S. Steel, Carnegie amassed a fortune.
Hill was excited listening to Carnegie talk on the Principles of Achievement. Carnegie saw his humble origins as an inspiration to overcome all obstacles and attain worthy goals. He explained to Hill that the starting point for success was definiteness of purpose.
Carnegie challenged Hill to complete an assignment of the study of great leaders, compile the information, compose it, and make it available to others as a tool to help them. Hill accepted his challenge and while Carnegie furnished no salary, he did a more important deed of providing Hill contacts with America s greatest men.
Napoleon Hill s Magazine and the Golden Rule Magazine articles give a glimpse of Hill s future books. When Hill s first book, Law of Success , was published in 1928, it was a great success-paying the author up to $3,000 per month, which was a lot of money nearly 100 years ago.
In 1937, Hill was to complete the book Think and Grow Rich which continues to sell hundreds of thousands of copies each year worldwide. Think and Grow Rich has a following of devout individuals who realize its philosophy-of-success message is as relevant today as when it was first written. The book was so well received that it was published three times its first year and sold at $2.50 a copy-this, despite the fact the country was in the middle of the Great Depression. This was before mass media and marketing that is available today.
Hill continued to communicate success principles via radio programs in the 1940s at Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood and later at WGN TV in Chicago. He continued leading seminars, giving lectures, and making personal appearances, and, finally, he founded the non-profit Napoleon Hill Foundation to spread the principles of success throughout the world. Though Napoleon Hill died in 1970 at the age of 87, his writings are more popular than ever.
Let Hill s book, enhanced by annotations, tips, and additional content from the business experts at Entrepreneur, give you a greater understanding of the length and breadth of Hill s work. Whether you are a student of books like Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich , or his other bestsellers, or this is your first book of Napoleon Hill, you will gain insight that will be invaluable.
By the Editors of Entrepreneur
W hen Napoleon Hill began writing about success, he might not have realized the impact his work would have on future generations of writers, thinkers, and the business world. Those initial interviews and subsequent articles and essays are the basis for much of what we read about the topic of success today, and for good reason. They are evergreen concepts that age well. Pick up any book about success and you ll see reverberations of Hill s writings on habits, success, negotiation, and treating colleagues with respect. Hill s foundational knowledge of what success can look like remains strong today.
No matter how you define it, we all seek success in one form or another. And the journey to find it can be long and often daunting. We hope for quick solutions; we don t often find them. We set our goals; often, too high. We depend on others to lay out a path toward success for us; but it s not on them to do so. Ultimately, we find that the true key to success lies within.
Napoleon Hill knew this. He knew that success was entirely dependent on one singular element: you. How you navigate the world and how you treat others is the basis for your own success both in business and in life.
The selections in this book from Napoleon Hill s timeless first writings run the gamut from inspirational to practical. As you read, keep in mind that each essay is a product of its time and place. As such, some language usage and sentence construction may seem unfamiliar to you. We have opted to retain as much of the original tone and voice of the author as possible, providing some updates for modern sensibilities, including headings to help you navigate the content. Our editors have also included some brief editorial comments as needed, which are denoted in brackets.
Each selection includes tips for the reader from our editors, and an Entrepreneur Action Item section to help you apply the lesson from each of Hill s original essays to your own life and experience in a practical, actionable way. At the end of the book, you ll find a brief reader s guide packed with thought-provoking questions that you can use in your reading group, class, or even for yourself to keep the conversation on success going.
Hill famously said, All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishments and wealth. So, what are you waiting for? Use your imagination to broaden your own idea of success. Think about what YOU want your life to look like. Do you want to grow in your position at work as a solopreneur? Perhaps you want to forge a path outside the confines of your office and break out on your own as an entrepreneur. Maybe you want to create a passive income that will allow you to focus more

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