Immigrate to Canada
120 pages

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120 pages

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Learn how to successfully immigrate to Canada! Canada is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for immigrants, a welcoming and inclusive country respectful of cultures that comprise its identity. Canada was built by immigration and its future is tied to immigration. Millions of Canadian families want their friends and relatives to live in Canada, and some 250,000 immigrants arrive each year.
This book is the definitive guide for those preparing to come to Canada. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the application system to ensure you will have the best chance for swift arrival. It is a valuable resource for professionals, students, tradespersons, entrepreneurs, investors and families.
Foreword: A Message from Senator Yonah Martin xiii
A Word from the Authors xv
Abbreviations xix
1 The Basics of Coming to Canada 1
1. The Changing Canadian Immigration Environment 2
2. How Immigrants Can Succeed in Canada 5
2.1 Language barriers and soft skills 7
3. Immigration Categories 8
2 Coming to Canada Temporarily: Workers, Live-in
Caregivers, and International Students 10
1. Working Temporarily in Canada 11
1.1 Applying for your temporary visa 11
1.2 Securing a position with a Canadian employer 12
2. Caregiver Program 13
3. The International Experience Canada (IEC) Program 14
4. Studying in Canada 17
4.1 How to get your study permit 17
4.2 Choosing a postsecondary school 18
4.3 When and how to apply 19
4.4 Taking ESL courses while attending other programs 20
4.5 Cost of tuition 20
4.6 Arranging housing 21
4.7 Off-campus and postgraduate work permits 22
4.8 Moving toward permanent residence 23
iv Immigrate to Canada
3 Mandatory Requirements, Fees, and the General Process 24
1. Medical Exam 24
2. Criminal Check 25
3. Application Fees 26
4. General Information about the Application Process 28
4.1 Downloading and completing the forms 28
4.2 Review your application before sending 29
4.3 What happens when the application is approved? 31
4 Legal Representation 32
1. Hiring Representation 33
1.1 Should you choose a consultant or lawyer? 34
1.2 Unpaid representatives 35
2. Filing a Complaint against Your Representative 35
3. You Are Responsible for Your Information 36
5 Federal Skilled Worker Class 37
1. Eligibility and the Point System 38
1.1 Language 39
1.2 Age 42
1.3 Education 42
1.4 Work experience 43
1.5 Adaptability 44
1.6 Arranged employment 45
1.7 Other factors 45
2. The Application Process for Federal Skilled Workers 46
6 Business Immigration 49
1. Investor and Entrepreneur Programs Are Terminated 49
2. Start-up Visa Program 50
2.1 The application process for the Start-up Visa 53
3. Self-employed Persons 54
3.1 Eligibility and the point system for
self-employed persons 55
3.2 The application process for self-employed persons 57
7 Provincial Nominee Program 60
1. Choose a Province or Territory 61
2. Get a Job Offer 61
3. Other PNP Options 62
4. The Application Process 63
Contents v
8 Family Class: Spouses and Children 66
1. Bringing Your Immediate Family 67
1.1 Requirements and responsibilities 67
1.2 Possible impediments to becoming a sponsor 69
2. Sponsoring a Spouse 69
3. Common-law Partnerships 71
4. Conjugal Partnerships 71
5. Children as Dependants 72
6. The Application Process 72
6.1 Fees 74
7. Appealing the Decision 75
9 Family Class: Parents, Grandparents, Adopted Children,
and Other Eligible Relatives 76
1. Sponsorship Criteria 77
2. Who You Can Sponsor 78
2.1 Sponsorship responsibilities 79
2.2 Possible impediments to becoming a sponsor 80
3. Super Visa 80
4. The Application Process 81
4.1 Fees 82
5. Appealing the Decision 83
10 Canadian Experience Class 85
1. Temporary Foreign Workers 86
1.1 Language proficiency 86
2. International Student Graduates 88
3. The Application Process 89
3.1 Fees 90
11 Federal Skilled Trades Class 91
1. Federal Skilled Trades Criteria 91
1.1 Language proficiency 92
2. The Application Process 94
2.1 Fees 95
12 Express Entry: Canada’s Future Immigration Program 96
13 Challenging a Refusal 99
1. Appeals 99
1.1 Sponsorship cases 100
1.2 Appeals of removal orders 101
vi Immigrate to Canada
1.3 Residency appeals 101
1.4 Why appeals are allowed 102
1.5 Disclosure of documents 102
1.6 Alternative Dispute Resolution 103
1.7 Changing the date of an appeal hearing 103
1.8 Bringing witnesses 104
1.9 Translations and interpreting 105
1.10 Steps of an appeal 105
2. Applying for a Judicial Review 106
14 You’re Approved! Now What? 107
1. Choose a Location 108
1.1 Industries by location 108
1.2 French-speaking regions 109
2. Present Your Documents to Citizenship and
Immigration (CIC) 109
2.1 Proof of funds 110
2.2 Health-care documents 110
3. Customs and Declarations 110
3.1 Permitted and forbidden goods 110
3.2 Paying duty 111
3.3 Bringing a vehicle into Canada 112
3.4 Interview at customs 113
4. Temporary Accommodation 113
15 An Overview of Canada 114
1. Canadian Provinces and Territories 115
2. The Canadian Landscape 116
2.1 Canada’s natural resources 116
2.2 Climate from coast to coast 116
3. The People 119
3.1 People in history 119
3.2 Multiculturalism as official policy 120
3.3 Equality under the law 121
3.4 Family life 121
4. The Languages 122
5. Government and the Law 123
5.1 Federal government 123
5.2 Provincial and territorial governments 124
5.3 Municipal governments 124
Contents vii
5.4 Laws of the land 125
5.5 Policing 125
6. Human Rights 126
7. Education System 127
7.1 Postsecondary education 128
8. Health-Care System 128
8.1 Health insurance 129
9. Social Assistance System 129
9.1 Old Age Security 129
9.2 Canada Pension Plan 130
10. Economy and Labour Market 130
16 Your First Steps in Canada 132
1. Ask for Help 132
2. Get Language Training 133
3. Find a Place to Rent 133
4. Buy a Home 136
5. Apply for a Social Insurance Number 136
6. Start Your Job Search 137
7. Apply for Health Care 137
8. Emergency Services 139
9. Enroll Your Children in School 139
10. Open a Bank Account and Get Credit 140
11. Get Around on Transit 141
12. Driving in Canada 141
13. Protect Your Identity 142
14. Apply for Benefits 143
17 Cost of Living in Canada 144
1. Renting or Buying a Home 144
2. Food 145
3. Tipping 146
4. Clothing 146
5. Furniture 147
6. Appliances and Electronics 147
7. Transportation 149
8. Health Care 149
9. Entertainment 150
10. Other Expenses 150
11. Taxes 150
viii Immigrate to Canada
18 Settling In 152
1. An Emotional Journey 153
1.1 The first stage 153
1.2 The second stage 153
1.3 The third stage 154
1.4 The fourth stage 155
2. Canadian Culture and Expectations 155
2.1 Dressing appropriately 155
2.2 Behaving politely 155
2.3 Respecting diversity 156
2.4 Women’s issues 156
2.5 Men’s issues 156
2.6 Parenting issues 157
2.7 Seniors’ issues 158
2.8 Singles’ issues 158
19 Maintaining Your Permanent Resident Status 160
1. Renewing Your Permanent Resident Card 161
2. Becoming a Citizen 162
3. Embracing Canada 163
Download Resources 164
1 Federal Skilled Worker Points System for Language Proficiency 41
2 Federal Skilled Worker Points System for Age 42
3 Federal Skilled Worker Points System for Education 43
4 Federal Skilled Worker Points System for Work Experience 44
5 Federal Skilled Worker Points System for Adaptability 45
6 Minimum Funds Required to Support You and Your Family 46
7 Self-Employed Persons Points System for Education 56
8 Self-Employed Persons Points System for Experience 56
9 Self-Employed Persons Points System for Language 57
10 Self-Employed Persons Points System for Adaptability 57
11 PNP Minimum Funds Required to Support Yourself and
Your Family 65
12 Dates Enacted for Canadian Same-Sex Marriage Laws 70
13 Capital Cities 115



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Date de parution 15 février 2015
Nombre de lectures 14
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Immigrate to Canada: A Practical Guide
Nick Noorani, Best-selling author “Arrival Survival Canada” and Catherine A. Sas, QC
Self-Counsel Press
(a division of)
International Self-Counsel Press Ltd.
USA Canada

Copyright © 2015

International Self-Counsel Press
All rights reserved.
A Word From the Authors

It has been 16 years since I first landed in Canada, and it has been a journey of tremendous challenges and wonderful discoveries. Born in Mumbai, India, I had a terrific career in advertising and marketing, working with some great companies and people. Like most parents, my wife, Sabrina, and I wanted to give our children the best in the world. With my family in tow, I moved to the Middle East (Muscat, Abu Dhabi, and then Dubai) to seek my fortune.
A few years later, it was Sabrina who suggested that we move to Canada. With my brother already here, we knew a little bit about the country, or at least we thought we did. We felt it was the right place for us to build a new life, not only for ourselves, but for our children and our future grandchildren. We no longer wanted to be just “visitors”; we wanted to settle in a place we could call home. We weren’t alone in this sentiment; most newcomers to Canada come with similar dreams and hopes for their future as “Canadians.”
We applied for immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker category and received our letter of acceptance a few months later. Back then, it was easier to get into Canada, even though the wait time was still lengthy. Since coming to Canada, I have been working with immigrants helping them find their success. The first step was a book my wife and I coauthored called Arrival Survival Canada , which is now in its third edition published by Oxford University Press; it’s a Canadian bestseller (
You could consider Immigrate to Canada as a prequel to Arrival Survival Canada . While that book goes into everything you need to know in your first year after arriving in Canada, this book concentrates on how to get here, and some of the initial steps you need to take before and after you arrive.
Over the years, I have met thousands of immigrants face to face through my “7 Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants” seminar and on the streets of Canada. In 2012, I did ten seminars in five cities in India speaking to hundreds of brilliant professionals who wanted to come to Canada but didn’t know where to start!
Skilled workers who want to migrate to Canada often fall victim to fraudulent immigration consultants, paying huge fees with no results. Even legitimate immigration lawyers and consultants will cost you a lot of money with no guarantee of getting you approved to come to Canada.
I wanted to create a level playing field for prospective immigrants. I wanted to write a book that would be a quick and simple read for immigrants who could use the information to apply themselves, and learn pertinent information on Canada at the same time.
Several reports have shown that immigrants who do not do their research prior to arriving have a harder time settling here!
My “Know Before you Go!” program and “Prepare for Canada” ( website provide a wealth of information to prospective immigrants. Please do use it!
Catherine Sas is a well-known Canadian immigration lawyer and a friend of mine, so when I asked her about contributing to this book, she responded enthusiastically.
Immigration policies change all the time and it’s important to keep on top of new policies and rules, so Catherine and I have included web links for the programs so if there are any changes, you always have the latest information!
Immigrating to Canada means so many things to so many people. All immigrants, be they skilled immigrants, students, or temporary workers have one thing in common — dreams of a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. Welcome to the beginning of your Canadian dream! I hope this book helps you on your journey to Canada.
— Naeem “Nick” Noorani,
As an immigration lawyer, I have been assisting immigrants and their families to settle in Canada for more than 20 years. The immigrant journey is far more than coming to a new country. It is a complicated application process that may take many years; it is the leaving of familiar territory to a strange new one; and it is an emotional journey of resettling and adapting to a new homeland.
While Canada is a welcoming country, the immigration experience can still be a challenge. This book is meant to demystify that ever-changing process by explaining the various avenues for immigration as well as important tips for arriving and settling in Canada.
Naeem “Nick” Noorani has experienced firsthand becoming a Canadian. These pages offer considerable insight to the immigrant experience. The immigrant’s story is Canada’s story: Its past, its present, and its future, and it will be Canada’s future for many years to come. May this book smooth the process of immigration for you. Nick and I will also keep you informed with regular updates and new editions found at
— Catherine Sas, QC
What This Book Will Do For You
With so many different programs, finding the correct category to apply is critical to getting your visa approved! This book will help you with the following:
1. Provide you with the detailed information you need to know to determine if you are eligible and how to successfully apply.
2. Cut through government jargon so Canada’s immigration process is easier to understand.
3. Provide an overview of what immigrating to Canada will actually be like — challenges and all!
4. Save you money by helping you apply and arrive!
5. Help you choose which immigration category to apply to your situation.

ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution
CBSA: Canada Border Services Agency
CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
CIC: Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CLB: Canadian Language Benchmarks
COPR Confirmation of Permanent Residence
CPC: Case Processing Centre
CRA: Canada Revenue Agency
DMP: Designated Medical Practitioner
EI: Employment Insurance
ELT: Enhanced Language Training
ESL: English as a Second Language
FCRO: Foreign Credential Referral Office
FLE: Français Langue Étrangère
GST: Goods and Services Tax
HST: Harmonized Sales Tax
IELTS: International English Language Testing System for English
IAD: Immigration Appeal Division
ID: Immigration Division
IELTS: International English Language Testing System
IRB: Immigration Refugee Board
ICCRC: Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
LINC: Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
LMIA: Labour Market Impact Assessment
NOC: National Occupation Classification
PNP: Provincial Nominee Program
PR: Permanent Resident
PST: Provincial Sales Tax
RPD: Refugee Protection Division
RPO: Refugee Protection Officer
ROPR: Right of Permanent Residence Fee
SIN: Social Insurance Number
TEF: Test d’Évaluation française
Chapter 1
The Basics of Coming to Canada

“ … what keeps the earth turning are the thousands of immigrants walking to new destinations every day, pushing the planet around and around with their millions of footsteps.”
— Anonymous
I still remember my first day in Canada like it was yesterday. It was a chilly day in April of 1998. My family and I were moving from Dubai so we didn’t have warm jackets, but my brother who had migrated two years earlier had the car heater on so we didn’t feel cold. My first view of the North Vancouver mountains made me fall in love with the place I was to live.
It took a lot of research and planning before I finally settled. In this book I want to share the basics of what I learned with you.
For starters, the organization handling all the applications and issues regarding immigration and citizenship is called Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This federal department determines immigration policy in Canada, works to ensure all applicants (i.e., temporary workers, international students, and permanent residents) get competent and fair decisions, and also strives to make immigrants first steps toward integration easier. It also offers assistance and protection to refugees and other persons in need.
On the CIC website you can download all the application forms you need to apply for coming either temporarily or permanently to Canada as well as information on how to complete and submit them and payment of the applicable fees.
You can also contact the closest visa office to your city for information on applying for immigration. Visa officers work in Canadian embassies, high commissions, and consulates around the world to process applications for immigration, refugee resettlement, temporary resident visas, study, and temporary work permits. See the CIC website for visa office locations (

Tip: Be sure that you follow the specific instructions for the visa office serving your country.
Completing an application form is one thing; getting it approved is entirely different. The number of applicants far exceeds the number of people approved for immigration. Applying to immigrate can be riddled with an endless stream of complicated forms and confu

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