Not Your Mama s Beading
244 pages

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244 pages

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This beading book offers projects that are chic, unique, and absolutely wearable. With more than thirty super-cool designs, it covers essential tools and materials, must-know beading techniques, and ideas for personalizing every project. You’ll whip up designs with pizzazz to adorn your apartment, your friends, or yourself!  With a sassy attitude, hip projects, and color photos, this will bring out your inner diva.

PART ONE: Brushing Up on Beading.

Chapter One: Beads in Our Time.

The Fashion-Conscious Neanderthal.

Glass Warfare.

Venice II Society.

Out of Africa.

East of Beadin’.

New World Beader.

You’re So Money, Baby.

We Got Spirits, Yes We Do!

Lighten Up, It’s Just Fashion.

And the Bead Goes On.


Chapter Two: The Good Buy Girl.

We Got the Bead: Types of Beads.

Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes.

Materials Girl.

Survival Tools.


Chapter Three: Bead It.

The Anal-Retentive Beader: Preparing Your Environment.

String ’Em Along: Basic Bead Stringing.

The Stitchuation Room: Basic Beading Stitches.

Wire Wire, Pants on Fire: Beading with Wire.


PART TWO: Projects.

Chapter Four: Necklace Drivers.

Ribbon Campaign.

Financial Freedom.

Showcase Showdown.

Charm School.

Baby You’re a Star.

Chapter Five: Cuff Stuff.

Doing Time.

Security Anklet.

No Way Crochet.

Doin’ the Button.

Tough Cuff.

The Short and Winding Rope.

Spiked Punch.

Chapter Six: With This Ring (and These Earrings), I Thee Thread.

Hoop Therapy.

Girl with a Curl Earring.

Swinging from the Chandeliers.

Bling a Ding Ring.

Nesting Instinct.

Bead the Ball.

Catch Your Own Bouquet.

Chapter Seven: Ornamentation Nation.

Hair Tactics.


Zip It.

Cuff Drops.

Handbagger Helper.

Call Me!

Girls Gone Bridaled.

Chapter Eight: Gifts and Flair for Your Pied a Terre.

Know Your Place.

Tipple Rings.

Hit the Bottle.

Serviette Yourself.

Tacky Tacky.

Glass Ceiling Fan Pull.

The Collar Purple.

Gentle Beader.

PART THREE: Additional Information.

APPENDIX A: The Resourceful Beader.

APPENDIX B: Best Laid Plans.

APPENDIX C: Cheat Sheet.

APPENDIX D: I Wish I Could Kit You.

Designer Bios.




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Date de parution 11 décembre 2006
Nombre de lectures 4
EAN13 9780470099636
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 8 Mo

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not your mama s
not your mama s
The cool and creative way to stitch it to em
by Kate Shoup Welsh
Copyright 2006 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey. All rights reserved.
Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey
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ISBN-13 978-0-471-97380-5
ISBN-10 0-471-97380-7
Printed in the United States of America
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Book design by Elizabeth Brooks
Cover design by Troy Cummings
Interior photography by Matt Bowen
Illustrations by Shelley Norris and Joni Burns
Book production by Wiley Publishing, Inc. Composition Services
For Jackie
Free bonus pattern available online!
Can t get enough beading? Access one more Not Your Mama s Beading pattern at .
Brushing Up on Beading
Beads in Our Time
The Fashion-Conscious Neanderthal
Glass Warfare
Venice II Society
Out of Africa
East of Beadin
New World Beader
You re So Money, Baby
We Got Spirits, Yes We Do!
Lighten Up, It s Just Fashion
And the Bead Goes On
The Good Buy Girl
We Got the Bead: Types of Beads
Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes
Materials Girl
Survival Tools
Bead It
The Anal-Retentive Beader: Preparing Your Environment
String Em Along: Basic Bead Stringing
The Stitchuation Room: Basic Beading Stitches
Wire Wire, Pants on Fire: Beading with Wire
Necklace Drivers
Ribbon Campaign
Financial Freedom
Showcase Showdown
Charm School
Baby You re a Star
Cuff Stuff
Doing Time
Security Anklet
No Way Crochet
Doin the Button
Tough Cuff
The Short and Winding Rope
Spiked Punch
With This Ring (and These Earrings), I Thee Thread
Hoop Therapy
Girl with a Curl Earring
Swinging from the Chandeliers
Bling a Ding Ring
Nesting Instinct
Bead the Ball
Catch Your Own Bouquet
Ornamentation Nation
Hair Tactics
Zip It
Cuff Drops
Handbagger Helper
Call Me!
Girls Gone Bridaled
Gifts and Flair for Your Pied a Terre
Know Your Place
Tipple Rings
Hit the Bottle
Serviette Yourself
Tacky Tacky
Glass Ceiling Fan Pull
The Collar Purple
Gentle Beader
Additional Information
The Resourceful Beader
Best Laid Plans
Cheat Sheet
I Wish I Could Kit You
Designer Bios
N o project that is the size and scope of a book can be completed without the help of many, many others. For this book, much credit is due to Cindy Kitchel, whose talents as a publisher are exceeded only by her talents as a friend. Roxane Cerda, my acquisitions editor, was exceedingly patient and kind, even when I was more trouble than I was worth. Project editor Donna Wright s encouragement and suggestions throughout the book-writing process proved invaluable. And Elizabeth Kim, the book s copy editor, saved my proverbial ass on numerous occasions. Thanks are also due to Christina Stambaugh, who provided design direction, Elizabeth Brooks, who designed and laid out the book; Sossity Smith, who proofread it; and Kevin Broccoli, who indexed it.
Then, of course, there are those people who had the unfortunate luck to live with or otherwise encounter me during the writing process: my amazing and supportive husband, Ian, who never fails to make me feel beautiful, smart, and funny, even at times when I am none of the above; my gorgeous, brilliant, and hilarious five-year-old daughter, Heidi, who already knows how to correctly use the word scatological in a sentence (and, our views on etiquette being what they are, has frequent cause); my mom, Barb Shoup, who was a writer long before I was and has the resume and awards to prove it; my dad, Steve Shoup, whose encouraging words (specifically, Who the hell wants to read about beading?! ) won t soon be forgotten; and my sister, Jenny Shoup, who, in addition to being a mom, a wife, a dancer, and a writer also manages to work full time as an attorney and hang out with me. I love you all more than I can say.

Beadginning Remarks
Beadaholics Anonymous
What do Lisa Kudrow, Kate Hudson, Mira Sorvino, Jennifer Tilly, and Cher have in common? Yes, they re all actresses, that s a given. And, okay, you re right-nudie photos of each of these women are available online. That s not my point. What I m getting at is that all five of these ladies are beaders.
Of course, Lisa, Kate, Mira, Jennifer, and Cher aren t the only ones on the beading bandwagon. In the last 5 years, beading-formerly the domain of women who a) collected Precious Moments figurines, b) wore appliqu d sweatshirts, c) just couldn t see why Thelma and Louise had to die at the end, or d) all of the above-has exploded into a 1.5-billion business in the U.S. Not convinced? Type beading into any search engine box, and you ll net nearly 2,700,000 hits.
Considering that beading has been around since Neanderthals roamed Earth (and I mean actual Neanderthals, not your ex-boyfriend), you have to wonder: Why now? What could explain this surge in beading in the United States-indeed, this surge in nearly all types of crafts, from knitting to sewing and beyond (although not, I m guessing, those little latch-hooky rugs, circa 1978, which usually featured a picture of an owl, of flowers, or of Woodstock from Peanuts )? Some believe that this resurgence in the womanly arts (barf) is a direct result of the events of September 11, 2001. That is, the terrorist attacks on that day understandably made Americans a bit travel shy, which meant they had more time for home-based hobbies. (Supporting this if you don t bead, the terrorists win view is the fact that one bead store in Washington state actually sold out of red, white, and blue beads in the aftermath of 9/11.) Others suggest that the increase in craft hobbyists stems from the void that is modern life-the implication being that making things with our own hands reconnects us with our, well, Neanderthal selves. (No offense.) The lousy economy hasn t hurt either; do-it-yourself types can create extremely nice jewelry for much less than comparable store-bought pieces. And of course, there s the never-ending quest to wear something unique, something that your obnoxious, brown-nosing cube-mate can only covet.
For whatever reason, there s no doubt about it: Beading has become cool. And like many other cool things-illicit drugs come to mind (not that I m endorsing them, of course)-beading is also addictive. For one, beads are shiny, and anyone who s anyone knows that handling shiny objects is habit-forming. Plus, beading provides an immediate rush. Forget knitting. Making a single sweater can take longer than growing your pixie haircut into a Maxim babe s mane. With beading, you can crank out any number of trinkets in the time it takes to pluck your mustache. And of course, although certain beading techniques do require some skill, it s possible to make many beautiful pieces armed only with the ability to poke thread through a bead. To sum things up, if you like shiny things, have the attention span of cotton, and possess opposable thumbs, beading is the hobby for you.
How This Book Is Organized
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