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252 pages

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All you have ever wanted to know about Rugby League and Rugby Union but have never dared to ask until now (as the answers are in the back of the book!) Will you get stung by a Wasp or charge through the 1,200 questions and mow down the opposition like a Rhino? You will have to cast your minds back over the last two centuries to recall facts about the game's origins, great players, cup competitions, clubs, stadiums, kit colours, nicknames, nationalities, field positions and much more if you want to be promoted to the Super League rather than face relegation. This is as much a treasure trove of rugby facts and figures as it is a quiz book and is guaranteed to get aficionados and families alike in a competitive scrum.



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Date de parution 15 juillet 2011
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Compiled by Adam Pearson

Publisher Information

First published i n 2008 by Apex Publishing Ltd
PO Box 7086, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 5WN, England

Digital Edition converted and published by
Andrews UK Limited 2011

Copyright © 2008 by Adam Pearson
The author has asserted his moral rights

All rights reserved. This book is sold subject to the condition, that no part of this book is to be reproduced, in any shape or form. Or by way of trade, stored in a retrieval syst em or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser, without prior permission of the copyright holder.

Cover Design: Siobhan Smith


Ian Coughtrey
Penarth Rugby Football Club

Nigel Harris And
Isle of Wight Rugby Football Club


I was introduced to rugby in the mid-seventies when I used to watch my stepfather play for the Isle of Wight team at Wootton Recreation Ground. I remember a lot of mud, blood and the ever-present essence of Deep Heat. There is a memory that sticks in my mind of the horrific sight of naked burly men striding around the dressing room area after the match. Matches were usually followed by a big session at the bar and a lot of tribal banter. I was a football fan primarily, so I would spend the time listening to the radio and being frustrated at the continual reports that either Keegan or Toshak had just scored for Liverpool.
I didn’t get to play rugby until I moved to Penarth in Wales where, at Stanwell Comprehensive School, it was the number one sport. In fact they didn’t even have a football team, but we did play at break time with a tennis ball. Rugby is like a religion in Wales and if you aren’t any good at the sport you’re regarded as a bit of an outcast. I was English as well, so it was doubly hard for me. Once in a match I picked up the ball from the scrum and ran for the line to score a try only to be moaned at by my teammates because I’d had plenty of time to plant the ball under the posts instead of in the corner. The mistake cost us the conversion.
During my time in Penarth I grew to love the game and I became a season ticket holder at Penarth RFC where I witnessed one of its last annual matches against the Barbarians. It was an event that the town was very proud of and it was a dreadful shame when the fixture was scrapped. I also travelled to an away match against Bridgend where I met Welsh Rugby stars J.P.R. Williams and Steve Fenwick.
In a memorable match against England, Welsh hard man Paul Ringer was sent off for violent conduct. That week he played for Llanelli at Penarth where I was thrilled to meet him in the clubhouse.
I used to skive off school until I realised it would get me into too much trouble and I would travel to Cardiff and sit in the stands at the old national stadium known as Cardiff Arms Park. Once I ran onto the pitch and imagined scoring a try. I saw a match there once between Cardiff RFC and New Zealand All Blacks; it was a great occasion.
In those days Wales had a great reputation and it was usually a miserable time for me when England was beaten by them. That was the case when I left the Principality in 1982 and returned to the Isle of Wight and rather left rugby behind me in favour of football. Then 2003 came and England did quite well in the World Cup. Most of the tournament passed me by. I picked it up at the quarter-final stage, but I was driving on the day of the final and had to watch the match on a small television in the car while parked in a lay-by. It was nonetheless one of the most memorable and proudest moments of my life.
Although my memories of following rugby are of the Union variety, I have always been aware of Rugby League and its fanatical following in the North of England. I could not compile a book on rugby without including both codes. I hope there is plenty within the following pages to entertain all fans of this fantastic sport.

Best wishes
Adam Pearson


1.In what year was the first set of football rules written?
2.In what year was the Rugby Football Union formed?
3.In what year was Rugby League formed as the Northern Rugby Football Union?
4.What is the name of the world’s oldest Rugby Club that was not part of a school or university?
5.Who was the man who published a letter in the papers to arrange a meeting of clubs that wished to play the rugby-type football game and subsequently resulted in the creation of Rugby Union?
6.In what year was the first international rugby match played?
7.How many players were there in a Rugby Union team until the number was reduced to fifteen in 1877?
8.In what year was the antiquated Goal From Mark rule dropped from the rules of Rugby Union?
9.In what year did the Northern Rugby Football Union become known as Rugby Football League?
10.In what year was the oval shape of rugby balls made compulsory?

William Webb-Ellis

11.In what year was William Webb-Ellis born?
12.In what year was William Webb-Ellis alleged to have run with a football, legendarily making himself the creator of Rugby Football?
13.When William Webb-Ellis left Rugby School, which college did he join?
14.After graduation, what career did William Webb-Ellis adopt?
15.Which co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records rediscovered William Webb-Ellis’s grave in Menton in Alpes Maritimes, France, in 1958?
16.What is the name of the man who is responsible for the story of William Webb-Ellis running with the ball when he included the tale in a letter to The Meteor (The Rugby School magazine) in 1876?
17.In 1895 The Old Rugbeian Society investigated the claim that William Webb-Ellis initiated the game. Who was the author of Tom Brown’s Schooldays who was asked to comment on his time at Rugby School in the 1830s?
18.In what county was William Webb-Ellis born?
19.In what year did William Webb-Ellis pass away?
20.At what battle was William Webb-Ellis’s father, James, killed in 1811?

Rugby Union World Cup 1987

21.Who hosted the 1987 World Cup?
22.How many nations took part in the 1987 World Cup?
23.Which nation did New Zealand beat 70-6 in the opening game of the 1987 World Cup?
24.Who won the Pool 1 match between the USA and Japan?
25.Which New Zealand player was the top individual points scorer in the 1987 World Cup?
26.Who scored three tries for England against Japan in their Pool 1 match in the 1987 World Cup?
27.Who scored Wales’s first try of the 1987 World Cup against Ireland in Pool 2?
28.New Zealand and which other nation qualified for the 1987 World Cup quarter-finals from Pool 3?
29.In Pool 4 Scotland drew 20-20 with which nation in the 1987 World Cup?
30.Who made 16 conversions in two matches for Scotland against Romania and Zimbabwe in Pool 4 in the 1987 World Cup?

British and Irish Lions

31.In what year did The Lions play their first match against Otago?
32.Who is the player that scored 274 points during his time with The Lions?
33.Who captained The Lions when they beat Australia in 1989?
34.Who captained The Lions when they beat New Zealand in 1971?
35.Which player has made the most appearances (71) for The Lions?
36.Who captained The Lions during the 2005 tour of New Zealand?
37.In what year did the last amateur Lions tour take place?
38.In what year did The Lions last win a series?
39.Who coached The Lions on three consecutive tours (1989, 1993 and 1997)?
40.Who scored the most points for The Lions during the 2005 tour of New Zealand?

History of Rugby League

41.What is the name of the Huddersfield hotel where the meeting that resulted in the formation of the Northern Rugby Football Union was held?
42.What word was used to describe the dispute between professional and amateur rugby?
43.In what year was the first ever Challenge Cup Final played?
44.Which positions are missing from a 13 man Rugby League side but are present in a 15 man Union team?
45.Which club won the first Challenge Cup final?
46.In what year was the first Challenge Cup final played at Wembley?
47.Which club won the first Rugby League championship in 1896?
48.Who was the controller of BBC2 who decided to televise The Rugby League Floodlit Trophy in the 1960s?
49.In what year was the number of tackles in an attack most recently set to 6?
50.In what year was the Sin Bin rule introduced in Australia?

Gareth Edwards

51.In which Welsh town was Gareth Edwards born?
52.In what year did Gareth Edwards first play for Wales?
53.In what year did Gareth Edwards score ‘That Try’ for the Barbarians against The All Blacks at Cardiff Arms Park?
54.In what position did Gareth Edwards play?
55.For which club did Gareth Edwards play?
56.Which commentator said the following memorable words as Gareth Edwards scored ‘That Try’ for The Barbarians gainst The All Blacks: “Kirkpatrick to Williams. This is great stuff. Phil Bennett covering, chased by Alistair Scowan. Brilliant! Oh, that’s brilliant! John Willia

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