Remember Remember
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135 pages

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Al Qaeda knew before the 9/11 bombings that their mission to destroy Western capitalist culture would become extremely difficult if they continued to use the same methods as those deployed on the World Trade Centre, Spanish Trains and the London Underground. Their decisions would have a profound effect on terrorist operations for the next fifty years and would include the recruiting of disaffected white non-Muslim men and women; the limited use of electronic communication and previously unused methods of delivering terror to different targets. Alan Johnson seemed to fit Al Qaeda's new profile of recruits very well; he was an ex-SAS soldier who had worked in the Middle East, becoming friends with many Arabs. He was happy there until the British troops shot dead his girlfriend after which he returned to the UK a bitter and revengeful man. Back home he built his audacious plot to bring the UK to its knees by importing lethal products knowing that the British public would not fail to use them and effectively kill themselves, spreading fear and death across the country. However to ensure maximum success he needed to play the part of an ordinary guy who drank too much, had friends in his local pub and holidayed with an attractive local woman. His Arab contacts enabled him to carry out his plan and with British Intelligence slow to respond it meant that Alan Johnson had the capability to deliver his threat and escape capture to repeat his activities in Europe and the US.



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Title Page
Remember Remember
Alan Wade
Publisher Information
Remember Remember published in 2010 by
Andrews UK Limited
This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior written consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published, and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.
The characters and situations in this book are entirely imaginary and bear no relation to any real person or actual happening.
Copyright © Alan Wade
The right of Alan Wade to be identified as author of this book has been asserted in accordance with section 77 and 78 of the Copyrights Designs and Patents Act 1988.
Many thanks to my wife Kath for her hard work and patience. Thanks also to Simon Wade for the book cover and John Butterworth for the title.

August 11 th Cabin 8310, Costa Atlantica, sailing toward Alexandria, Egypt
Alan Johnson put down his pen, re-read the letter and thought of P.S.’s to add, but then he shook his head; there were just too many other things to say.
He took out the gold bracelet he had bought earlier and placed two rings onto it, then walked to the bathroom, found an Elastoplast and carefully taped the rings and the bracelet to the inside of an envelope in such a way that they would not jingle. He placed his folded letter in the envelope, sealed it and addressed it; “To my darling Jacky, Cabin 8310.” He then placed the envelope into the inside pocket of his cream blazer and sat with his head resting in his hands.
Jacky had fallen asleep at least one hour earlier and now lay on her back gently snoring, oblivious to Alan’s writing.
He rose from the chair and silently padded to the bed where he bent over her and gently rolled her onto her side. He sat down, stroked her silken clad thigh, then whispered, “Sleep well my love, I’d like to think we could get through this together and that you would help me, but I know that only God can help me now.” He checked his watch and confirmed the time was 2.05 am. He knew he must get some sleep but realised that his thoughts regarding her and his actions later that day would offer little chance of rest.
They rose early to watch the ship enter the port of Alexandria and she noticed that he was quieter than usual.
“Are you OK love?”
“Yeah, I am, it’s just that Alexandria looks a bit grim, look at all these rusting hulks of boats, it looks like a bloody scrap yard.”
“One man’s rubbish Alan.”
“Yeah, but this looks like the world’s dumping ground.”
“Perhaps it is,” she replied, “but maybe it will get nicer as we enter the harbour itself.”
“I don’t think so love,” he turned to her and changed the subject, “let’s go up for breakfast.”
He breakfasted as usual on crispy bacon accompanied by a cheese omelette, she had fruit and cereal. Little was said and Jacky, sensing unease, squeezed his arm. He turned to her, smiled, bent towards her and kissed her full on the lips. “You’d better go and get ready for Cairo my love, we need to board the bus in forty minutes. I’ll be down soon, I just want another cup of coffee.” She squeezed his arm again, then let go saying, “Ok love, see you soon.”
He smiled, rose and walked to the coffee machine to dispense himself another cup of coffee then returned to his table. As he approached the table and before he sat down, he took out the envelope from his blazer pocket and placed it along with a €50 note between his breakfast plate and the tray on which it stood. His usual breakfast waitress approached and asked if he had finished with the tray.
His response was, “Please look under the plate on your return to the service station. Keep the money and put the letter in my cabin after lunch. Thank you for all your help,” he smiled and momentarily squeezed her hand then asked, “Do you understand?”
“I think so,” she responded.
“Good, then thank you.”
“Have a nice day Sir,”
“Oh I will, I certainly will have a day.”
He returned to his cabin and changed his jacket for a reversible anorak which could be worn grey or yellow.
07.30, Costa Atlantica, Alexandria, Egypt
Major Rashid had boarded the Costa Atlantica with the pilot. He had met with Major Rock and his team and offered Egyptian police assistance. His team had been monitoring foreign arrivals into Egypt for several days paying particular attention to those staying at the Cairo Pyramids Sheraton Hotel. He had four officers working there and was confident that if the Sheraton was the meeting place they would apprehend those involved.
They had discussed the ship’s itinerary and Johnson’s booking of a holiday excursion which included a bus trip from the Port of Alexandria to the Great Pyramids of Giza. A convoy of about forty coaches would carry the cruise ship passengers from the port to Giza and every coach would have on it a police escort. The pyramid site was flat and arid and very busy with tourists. There were also hundreds of touts and salesmen on the site, who continually pestered people to take photos of their camels or buy cheap trinkets and the group believed that a meeting between Johnson and fellow terrorists could take place there but it was unlikely. However, the site would be patrolled by Rachid’s staff.
The next stop for the tour would be the site of the Sphinx and although this provided some scope for a rendezvous with others inside the temples, again it was thought to be highly unlikely. However, his staff would be at the entry and exit gates which controlled the flow of tourists into this site.
The tour coaches would then leave the Sphinx and drive to Cairo central for lunch at the Cairo Pyramids Sheraton Hotel. This would be followed by city centre shopping which is where Rashid believed a terrorist rendezvous could take place, in the actual hotel or in one of the many close locations.
It was agreed that both teams would shadow Johnson on the tour and when the group entered the hotel; with Rashid providing extra staff in the hotel, plus road blocks and helicopter air support should it be necessary.
At 08.50 Rashid disembarked with the ship’s pilot and Rock reported back to England to gain approval for the plan. Commander Bagshaw’s affirmative reply came quickly and Rock sat at his desk drinking coffee, confident his team’s actions would be successful and he would get the bastard this time.
At 09.30 a fleet of forty coaches left the dock at Alexandria and headed through the town inland to Cairo. At 11.15 the coaches left the Great Pyramids and drove towards the Sphinx. At 12.45 the coaches departed the Sphinx back towards Cairo and the Sheraton Pyramids hotel and so far there had been no reported sightings of Johnson or Jacky rendezvousing with anybody other than those on the ship’s tour.
Sheraton Pyramids Hotel, Cairo
At 13.00, Cairo airport aviation control received a message from a Syrian helicopter to enter their air space with a request for a landing at the hotel. This was one of many requests made each day and permission was granted. On board were five para-military men and Onar Ibsick, now known as Vernna Parlla. On landing the group entered the air traffic control block situated on the roof and manned by hotel security staff, one of whom, named Jimal, was an associate of Vernna’s; planted weeks ago to help the operation and monitor police activity in the hotel. Paperwork was completed, the landing confirmed and a brief private discussion with Jimal informed Vernna’s group of the presence of Rachid’s men and the security facilities of the hotel. Money exchanged hands and the control block was temporarily handed over to Vernna. He despatched four of his militia to account for Rashid’s men located in the lobby of the 21 st floor who were there to guard access to both the hotel and helipad.
It is virtually impossible for a man unprepared and without stab proof body armour to deflect an attack and within five minutes Rachid’s men were dead and replaced by the helicopter team; who now took control of the landing site and the doors to it leading from the hotel lobby.
Having successfully secured the site, Vernna now passed to his men a photograph of Alan Johnson and gave the following instructions, “This is the only man who enters this site and the helicopter, he will be wearing a bright yellow jacket to help identification; all others without exception die, are you clear on that.”
They nodded in assent as they passed the photograph around the group and back to Vernna who continued his instructions, “There will be approximately six hundred people from the cruise ship coming here to eat in the grand hall on the first floor. Alan Johnson has booked a meal for two, but Shan has decreed that Johnson’s girlfriend Jacky must not accompany him to the helicopter and if she does she must be stopped; so kill her if needs be.” He looked at the group to confirm their agreement then continued, “The meal is booked for 14.00 and I want you Yasim to come with me to the first floor and approach Johnson; you will dress as a wine waiter and we have a shirt and waistcoat for you to wear. I will identify Johnson then you will go over to his table and tell him that Shan says to go immediately to the lift shaft on the first floor.” He pointed to two others in the group and said, “Your task is to find a laundry trolley, take it in the lift to the first floor and place it in the lift doors to keep that lift there for Johnson. As soon as he is in the lift remove it and bring him to this floor. Shoot anybody else who tries to get in the lift with you. I will take another lift to the first floor and wait for Yasim to return, while giving back-up for you two.”

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