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The Revision Series: 11+ Sample Test Questions and Answers for Non-Verbal Reasoning.Learn how to pass the Non-Verbal Reasoning section of the 11+ Kent Test. This is the ultimate guide for anyone who wishes to successfully pass their 11+, paying particular attention to the Non-Verbal Reasoning section of the test.Packed full of sample questions complete with detailed answers and explanations, this revision guide will guarantee to improve your chances of success and ultimately better your performance in your assessment.It is important that full preparation is undertaken to ensure pupils have the best start to their 11+ assessment.Written and created by the UK s leading recruitment experts; this comprehensive revision guide includes:A complete guide to Non-Verbal Reasoning this revision book focuses specifically on the Non-Verbal Reasoning section of the 11+ assessment.Detailed example questions this guide contains detailed example questions which show the different types of questions you can expect, a step-by-step account on how to answer them, and top tips to consider when faced with these types of questions.Plenty of practice questions packed full of testing questions for a range of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, to better your chances during this section of the 11+ assessment.Detailed answers and explanations not only do we provide lots of sample questions, but we also provide detailed answers and explanations to ensure you know how to reach the correct answers.Useful tips! this guide contains top tips regarding the assessment and suggests different ideas for ways to improve your performance during the 11+ assessment.Boost your chances of scoring highly in the Non-Verbal Reasoning section of the 11+ Kent Test assessment.



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Welcome to your new booklet, the 11+ Kent Test, Non-Verbal Reasoning. This booklet has been specifically designed with the sole intention of aiding anyone who is taking their Kent Test, by improving their performance during the Non-Verbal section of the exam.
In this guide, we have done our utmost to provide you with preparation and practice tips that will guide you through the process of successfully passing your Non-Verbal Reasoning assessment.
This booklet primarily focuses on the Non-Verbal Reasoning section of the Kent Test. We have also created other testing booklets similar to this one, if you wish to improve your overall performance. If you wish to successfully pass all of the stages of the 11+ assessment, we highly recommend that you take a look at these booklets, in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.
We wish you the very best of luck in your assessment.

1.   Try and visualise the questions!
2.   Why not make yourself a cube net as you try to work out the cube based questions? This will help you to visualise where the shapes on the cube will be positioned once you have folded the cube together.
3.   Some people like to work on the questions they find most difficult first. Some people prefer to leave the hard questions to the end. Pick a way that you feel comfortable with, and use it throughout your Non-Verbal Reasoning tests.
4.   Accuracy is key. You need to remain as accurate as possible to ensure successful marks. That’s why it is important to fully comprehend the questions and understand what is being asked. Most people find it difficult to finish all of the questions. These tests are designed to measure your level of accuracy against the speed at which you progress. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.
5.   Try drawing out the questions as you go. Drawing out the answers of what you think it may look like (i.e. if the shape is rotated or reflected etc), will help you to visualise the answers more clearly.
6.   Using highlighters is a great way to distinguish your answers. Highlighting is helpful if you are counting lots of shapes or working out numbers of angles etc.
7.   When completing grid based questions, you can always work backwards. By working backwards, you would have to do the opposite to what is being asked. This is a useful way to see if you have the correct answer.
8.   Practice is key. If you struggle with visualising shapes and objects, you may struggle with these tests. That is why we have provided you with lots of sample questions for you to work through. The more you practice these tests, the more likely you are to feel comfortable and confident with these types of questions. Remember, practice makes perfect!
9.   If you are unsure about the answers, make sure you use our detailed answers and explanations to understand how you get to the correct answer. Remember, knowing where you went wrong is just as important as getting the questions correct. You need to understand how the answer can be reached. Try practicing the question again after reading the answers and explanations to ensure you know where you went wrong.
10.  Pay attention to everything! If you are unsure about what the differences are, or what is happening in the sequences, pay attention to everything you see. Count all the sides, angles, colours, shading, line types, sizing, rotations, reflections etc. That way you can eliminate what is the same and what is different about the sequence.
11.  Check out our free online psychometric testing and sample questions to ensure that you are fully prepared for your Non-Verbal Reasoning tests.

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