Easy Way to Learn French Through English in 30 Days
91 pages

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Easy Way to Learn French Through English in 30 Days , livre ebook


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91 pages

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This book is designed in such a way that everyone can learn FRENCH through ENGLISH in easy way, in 30 days. In just minutes a day, you'll pick up FRENCH language through ENGLISH for everyday situations - from basic to intermediary level. This book covers learnings starting from French Grammar to sentence formation, greeting people, time, family, weather, business communication, commonly used vocabulary, conversations - in Hotel, on the road, at the station, over phone, etc and includes proverbs and commonly used phrases.The essence of this book is making learning FRENCH easy through ENGLISH in a easy way, and in convenient time of daily schedule.As regular writer in Newspaper & blogger on national and international portals, Rinkal Sharma has over 18 years of rich experience in English & French Language.As French Scholar, she is committed to make Language Learning in EASY, PRACTICAL & FUN way. Love for French, English & Hindi language prompted her to conceptualize a new & scientific way to make Language learning easy. As dispeller of all confusion towards language learning, this book make Language learning journey a complete fun with minimum time & efforts, but in calibrated manner.In love of French Language, Rinkal also has deep interest & vast experience in creative field of Theatre - Famous plays ("e;Tajmahal ka Tender"e;, "e;Bade Aadmi"e;, "e;All Idiots"e;, "e;Jai Hind"e; etc) in various roles (Direction, Script-writing & Acting), Over 10 short films & web-series ("e;Darkness of Color"e;, "e;Godhuli"e;, "e;Aadi & Friends"e; etc). She has worked with Doordarshan, TV18 & Sudharshan Channel. Her two books have already published and received acclaim.



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Date de parution 19 juin 2020
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Langue English

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eISBN : 978-93-5296-753-7
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Published by : Diamond Pocket Books (P.) Ltd.
X-30, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - II
New Delhi - 110020
Phone : 011-40712200
E-mail: ebook@dpb.in
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Edition: 2019
AUTHOR: Rinkal Sharma
Dedicated to My Father (Late Sh. Dinesh Chandra Sharma)
Language is the strongest medium by which we express our thoughts. It is the combination of words and sentences that are pronounced with language, with the help of which people of one society or country reveal their thoughts with each other. Languages are the most reliable medium of intuitive expression. Not only this, language is also an instrument for the creation, development, our identity, socio-cultural identity of our inner self. Man is utterly incomplete without language and is separated from his history and tradition.
At this time, thousands of different types of languages like - English, French, German and Spanish are spoken all over the world, which are generally not understood by people except their native speakers. The language of society or country by citizen is well known because people have been accustomed since childhood, but the language of other countries or societies is very difficult to learn. Language development also increases the process of personality development & scientifically it is proven that it contributes towards brain development.
In this book, we will learn about French (French) language in a scientific way but in easy, practical & fun manner and also in effective time manner. French is the language of a romance that is spoken by almost 9 million people worldwide as the first language. In today’s world, there is a good number of people speaking this language in 54 countries of the world. French is an easy language to learn. The French language is an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, the NATO, the International Olympic Committee and the International Red Cross and International Courts.
French opens up various opportunities not only to study in famous French universities and top higher education institutions in the world but also, French knowledge opens doors to French multinationals in other parts of the world. French is well accepted as international language. French is a major language, as the world’s fifth largest economy for foreign investment and the third ranking destination.
This book is designed in such a way that anyone can learn French language in 30 days. In this book, basic French grammar has also been presented which is commonly used in daily life. There are 30 chapters in this book and at the end of each chapter a practice questionnaire has also been given. At the end of the book some French proverbs have also been given, which are usually used. The book has been prepared in very simple language.
- Author
There is no use pretending that learning a language by yourself can be made an easy task: it simply can’t ! In modern era people are travelling from one country to another country and there are certain common useful situational sentences that if you know, your travel can be easy in the foreign country and may fascinate your interest & love towards foreign people. To facilitate the people, many Schools, Colleges, & Universities have taken up foreign language learning. As a result everyone is learning three languages – first is an international language , English, second any Indian language like Hindi, and third foreign language. Owing to this, an idea cropped up in our mind and we have attempted publication of books on International language “Learning series” through English and through Hindi–which is national language.
We have already published learning “National languages series” which is through English and Hindi. We have published almost 80 books which have been acclaimed by readers all over India.
Now we have started publishing a series of- “Learning Foreign language like French, German, Chinese and Spanish etc. through English and Hindi”. This is our first book of this series , “Easy Way To Learn French Through English”. By this book, you will learn the basic conversational vocabulary- to deal with most aspects of everyday life.
There is a concept that such book can help anyone who understands English will be prompted to learn French thereby transcending the language barrier. Moreover English being the vast spoken language all over world, French language would be sufficient to make you converse.
We are sure this series will help masses to learn international languages. We need to have your valued comments which will help us to improve the book and make it most useful.
Contents L’Alphabet (Alphabets) The Pronounciation (Pronunciation) Les Nombres (Numbers) Pronoms Sujets Et Verbs (Subject Pronouns & Verbs) Les Articles (The Articles) Le Genre (Gender) Les Phrases (The Sentences) Les Salutation (Greetings) Le Temp (The Time) La Famille (The Family) Le Temps (Weather) Les Professions (Professions ) Vêtements (Clothes) Les Couleurs (The Colours) Le Corps Et Les Maladies (Body & The Diseases) Le Transport (Transport) Les Langues Et Les Nationalités (Languages And Nationalities) Les Animaux (Animals & Birds) Les Jour Et La Samaine (Days & Week) Le Mois, L’anne Et La Date (Month, Year And Date) Les Fruits Et Les Légumes (Fruits & Vegetables) Dans Un Petit Hôtel (In A Small Hotel) Dans La Rue (On The Street) A La Gare (At The Station) À La Clinique (At The Clinic) Maison A Louer (House For Rent) Parler De Vous Talking About Yourself Parler De Vacances (Talking About Holidays) Les Proverbes (Proverbs) Les Phrase Utiles (Useful Phrases)
French Story With English Translation Le Vilain Caneton (The Ugly Duckling)
French is based on the Latin alphabet (also called the Roman alphabet), and there are 26 letters , 5 vowels and 21 consonants. Originally, there were 25 letters, with ‘W’ being added by the mid-nineteenth century. In French we pronounce it doo-bluh-vay after the ‘V’ which is pronounced (vay). During the period from Old French to Modern French, the letter ‘K’ was added. These two letters are used mostly with adopted foreign words. All French alphabets written in French will be same as in English , only the difference is in pronunciation, though there are few alphabets which are pronounced same as in English.
Consonants (les consonnes) Letter Pronunciation French words Bb (bay) [be] as in bed Un bébé (“a baby”) Cc (say) [se] as in celebrate Une célébration (“a celebration”) Dd (day) [de] as in delicious Un dé (“a dice”) Ff (ehf) [ef] as in elephant Un effet (“an effect”) Gg (zhay) [ge] as in genesis Un gène (“a gene”) Hh (ahsh) [ash] as in ashtray Unhâche (“an axe”) Jj (zhee) [ji] as in Jim Un jean (“a pair of jeans”) Kk (kah) [ka] as in carrot kaki (“kahki”) Ll (ehl) [el] as in eliminate Une ellipse (“a ellipsis”) Mm(ehm) [em] as in hemisphere Une émanation (“an emanation”) Nn (ehn) [en] as in enter Un Enfant (“a child”) Pp (pay) [pe] as in pet Un péage (“a toll”) Qq (kew) ku] as in cure Une quille (“a skittle”) Rr (ehr) [err] as in eradicate Une erreur (“an error”) Ss (ehs) [es] as in esthetic Un esquimau (“an eskimo”) Tt (tay) [te] as in television Une télévision (“a tv”) Vv (vay) [ve] as in vehicule Une voiture (“a car”) Ww (doobl-vay) [woa]as in what/valley Un wagon-lit (“a sleeping-car”) Xx (eeks) [ix] as in fix Fixer (“to set”) Yy (ee-grehk) [e grehk] as in eel Un yen5 (“a yen”) Zz (zehd) [zed] as in zebra Un zoo5 (“a zoo”)
Vowels (les voyelle) Letter Pronunciation French words Aa (ah) [a] as in arm Un arbre (“a tree”) Ee (uh) [eo] as in supple Une heure (“an hour”) Ii (ee) [e] as in eel Une fille (“a girl”) Oo (oh) [o] as in orange Une opération (“a surgery”) Uu (ew) [u] as in cute Une tortue (“a turtle”)
Note:- “H” & “Y” are the semi vowel in French. “H” is always silent in French .

French pronunciation can seem pretty intimidating. The sounds are tricky, and letters that look familiar from English can sound entirely different.While French is definitely very different from English, it’s not that much harder. Although all those silent letters can seem confusing at first, once you learn the rules and patterns, you’ll realise that French pronunciation is actually a lot more logical and regular than English pronunciation. One of the main things that causes problems for French learners is that the alphabet is similar to the English alphabet. But in French, these same letters often represent different sounds than in English.
As in the Hindi language we have “matras” to give the correct sounds, similarly in French we have accents to give the correct sounds while pronouncing a word. The French accents is part of the written vowel, and its omission is a mistake in spelling. There are five accents used on vowel in the French language, and an extra sign used under C :- Accent Grave (` ) : this accent is inclined towards the left like an obtuse angle. This accent can be placed on the letters “e”. “a” and “u”. Père (pair) = father Mère (mair) = mother Accent Aigu(´ ) : this accent can be placed on the letter “e” only, and it gives the “a” sound as in ape. #x00E9;cole (ekol) = school Accent Circumflexe (^ ) : this accent frequently indicates the omiision of an “s” from a word. Forêt = forest Hôte = host Accent Trema (¨ ) : this accent indicates that the letter has to be stressed . Noël (noal) = christmas Maïs ( mez) = maize Accents cedilla (ç ): the cedilla when placed under “c” (ç ) sounds like “s” instead of “k”. Français ( fronse)= French Leçon (leson) = lesson
Compound vowel pronounciation Ai (ए) - mais (may ) - but Au (औ ) - Faute (faut ) - mistake Ou (ऊ) - chou (shoe ) - cabbage Eau (ओ) - Beau (bo) - beautiful Eu (अ) - Peu (pe ) - small Oi (उआ) - Moi (mooan

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