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This book is specifically aimed at law students who are undertaking a practice-focused law dissertation as part of their LLM. Many students start this journey without a clear understanding of what this task will need. In this easy to read introduction Suzanne will help you with the essential tasks you need to consider BEFORE choosing your dissertation title.



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Also by Inspired to Study Ltd.
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First published in Great Britain 2018
By Inspired to Study Ltd
©Copyright Suzanne Reece
All rights reserved.
The rights of Suzanne Reece are identified as the author of this work and is asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988.
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This book is dedicated to the memory of
Mrs Violet Eunice Reece
Ms Aretha Franklin
taught me courage and joy
Also by Inspired to Study Ltd.
Chapter 1. Read your assessment criteria and rules before you choose your law dissertation
Chapter 2. Follow your passion and you will find your motivation.
Chapter 3. Consider ALL reasons for writing your law dissertation.
Chapter 4. Identify the issues your dissertation will cover at an early stage.
Chapter 5. Identify a thesis question worthy of an exceptional dissertation.
Chapter 6. Test it before you use it
Chapter 7. Form your own opinions and discuss them in your dissertation.
Chapter 8. Planning, timing and delivery
Chapter 9. # Survival tips
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
About the Author

I first met Suzanne when she taught civil advocacy on the Bar Professional Training Course at City University London. I discovered that she was an experienced tutor with a wealth of experience from legal practice. We kept in touch after I left law school.
I was always keen to hear about Suzanne’s latest projects and was pleased to hear that she had finished her third book; LLM Dissertation: How to Maximise Marks for your Practice Focused Dissertation . I was even more surprised when she asked me to review the book and write this foreword. The next feeling was one of panic …what did I know about writing a foreword? I am not a famous reviewer, but I can offer you a sincere and honest opinion of the book. I have also had to write two dissertations in my academic life, one for my undergraduate degree and the second for my LLM. I understand the highs and lows of writing your first dissertation and the difference in writing for masters levels.
Reassured that I was equipped for the task I sat down in a comfortable chair and began to read the book. I read the book carefully and thoroughly. The book is specifically written for post-graduate law students but as I read I thought a lot of the advice and tasks are very transferable to other subjects.
My honest opinion is this is an absolute gem of a book. As I read the book it took me back to the days when I had to plan and write my own LLM dissertation. If I had known half of the information and advice Suzanne sets out in this book, the whole process of writing my dissertation would have been lot easier and more enjoyable. Writing a dissertation is a difficult task and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the whole process. This book offers compassion, wisdom and courage to anyone writing a dissertation.
Saddy Njie
September 2018
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
— Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher

any law students have an opportunity to complete a dissertation when they “top-up” their post-graduate studies on the LPC or BPTC. This book is specifically aimed at law students who are undertaking this practice-focused law dissertation. Law undergraduates undertaking their first dissertation may also find this book of general use.
If you are undertaking a general dissertation you may find this book helpful but bear in mind the specific requirements of your own subject. If you are undertaking a dissertation for a PhD, then I am sorry this book is not for you and I suggest you put it down.
In this book we will NOT be looking at how you carry out research, referencing or discuss primary and secondary research methods. We will NOT discuss writing your law dissertation. There are many useful university library guides and tools to help you with these topics. We will solely focus on the first difficult steps of selecting your law dissertation topic. This is a task that requires a great deal of attention because if you get this right it is the foundation to your practice-focused law dissertation and the key to maximising your grades.
This task of writing a practice-focused law dissertation for your post-graduate studies will be new. You will not have not done any work that will match the level of detailed research and planning this task will require. The time and energy you will take to complete your law dissertation will exceed any other written work you have done so far.
A law dissertation is a completely different task to writing an extended law essay. An unhelpful definition of a dissertation is: “a long essay especially one written for a university degree”. This is a little like comparing shopping for a new pair of jeans with buying your first car! Both activities involve a purchase, but they are of very different magnitudes.
Your law dissertation will require you to master some key tasks and demonstrate core skills. You must:- Show that you understand research techniques and methods; Demonstrate an understanding of using relevant legislation and caselaw; Critically analyse your research results; Produce research data that supports your thesis; Examine the practical application of your area of law; Master writing a new form of academic work; And finally SCORE MAXIMUM MARKS on the assessment criteria.
The best part of this assignment is that you have the freedom within the confines of the course programme to choose the subject and topic for your law dissertation. Once you decide on a subject that you find interesting your natural inquisitiveness will take over and you will find the research and writing much easier than writing essays on topics that are set for you by your university. So how do you get from that curious and interested student to someone who produces, after a lot of hard work, an amazing law dissertation?
All students start out intending to get a top grade. For some students somewhere along the path, enthusiasm wanes and the tasks turn into a burden. Some students become overwhelmed by the volume of research and have no clear path or understanding of where their research is leading them. The desire for the top grade disappears and these students just want to get the task done. It is at this stage that the scale of the tasks and looming deadlines can make students focus on the wrong issues. They think more about the word count and throwing everything into their dissertation rather than the quality of their work.
These students end up simply reproducing and repeating their research data without proper evaluation. This is a dangerous path leading you away from evaluation, critical analysis and the confidence to express your own views. This is the path to writing a law dissertation that lacks the essential attributes of an amazing dissertation.
Students often came to my first supervision meeting keen to explain why they wanted to write a law dissertation on their chosen subject. They were passionate about the subject matter and keen to do their best. What I often found was that despite their enthusiasm they had failed to consider some basic preparation for choosing their dissertation topic and failed to decide how they intended to conduct their research.
In this book I will take you through the essential steps to selecting your dissertation topic and working title. You will be better prepared for your literature review and understand what you need to do to achieve that exceptional grade for your law dissertation.
This is a book to help YOU prepare, plan and organise your first practice-focused law dissertation; so I have written it in an easy to follow style. You will need to have your favourite note-taking App open or a new work book. There are exercises for you to complete. Complete the exercises as you read. They are designed to test and help you refine your dissertation topic ideas. I want you to pause, put this book down and spend time just thinking.
The best time to read this book is BEFORE you have chosen your law dissertation topic. If you have already completed this step, then use this book to check that you have not missed out any important steps in your planning.
By the end of the book you will have a:- Clear and specific law topic; Law thesis; Clear list of issues you want to explore in your dissertation; Clear idea of the practical application of your area of law; Plan for the research method[s] you will use.
You will also find a FREE checklist and PPT slides to help you with law dissertation at www.inspiredtostudy.org You can also book a FREE consultation, to discuss whether you would benefit from your own study coach to provide dissertation advice and feedback.

1. Read your assessment criteria and rules before you choose your law dissertation
“If you don't understand the details of your business you are going to fail.”
— Jeff Bezos, Technology and retail entrepreneur

ost students are bombarded with a lot

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