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Sami Art and Aesthetics , livre ebook

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346 pages
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During the last five decades we have witnessed an increase in activity among artists identifying themselves as Sami, the only recognised indigenous people of Scandinavia. At the same time, art and duodji (traditional Sami art and craft) have been organized and institutionalized, not least by the Sami artists themselves. Sami Art and Aesthetics discusses and highlights these developments and places them in historical and contemporary contexts for an international audience. At stake are complex, changing terms regarding the creative and the political agencies. The question is not how indigeneity, identity, people, art, duodji, and aesthetics correspond to conventional Western ideas, rather it is how they interact with the Sami and their neighbouring cultures and societies. The volume is written by some of the foremost art historians and literary scholars in Sami art, craft, architecture, culture, and indigenous studies. Artists presented include Johan Turi, Ivar Jaks, Outi Pieski, Folke Fjellstrom, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Geir Tore Holm, and Silje Figenschou Thoresen.



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Date de parution 31 décembre 2017
Nombre de lectures 5
EAN13 9788771845051
Langue English
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Edited by
Svein Aamold, with Elin Haugdal and Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen
Sámi Art and Aesthetics
Contemporary Perspectives
Sámi Art and Aesthetics Contemporary Perspectives
Sámi Art and Aesthetics Contemporary Perspectives © The authors & Aarhus University Press 2017 Graphic design and cover: Jørgen Sparre Type: Joanna Nova Cover art:Ja, lihkastat gitta doložis (And, the movement from the past),Daban Da (Asbørn Unor Forsøget and Gert Rognli), 2005, video Cover photo: Gert Rognli Drawing on pages 2 and 3: Johan Turi,Reindeer with packsaddles. E-book production: Narayana Press, Denmark ISBN 978 87 7184 505 1
Aarhus University Press Finlandsgade 29 DK-8200 Aarhus N Denmark www.unipress.dk
International distributors: Gazelle Book Services Ltd. White Cross Mills Hightown, Lancaster, LA1 4XS United Kingdom www.gazellebookservices.co.uk
ISD 70 Enterprise Drive, Suite 2 Bristol, CT 06010 USA www.isdistribution.com
Published with support from the Research Council of Norway and the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, The Arctic University of Norway.
Unstable Categories of Art and People Svein Aamold
Representations: Colonialism and the Struggle for Indigenous Self-definition
Hybrid Iconoclasm: Three Ways of Picturing the Sámi as the Other Rognald Heiseldal Bergesen
Art History in the Contact Zone: Hans Zakæus’sFirst Communication,1818 Ingeborg Høvik
Representing the Hidden and the Perceptible: Johan Turi’s Images of Sápmi Svein Aamold
Traditional Sámi Culture and the Colonial Past as the Basis for Sámi Contemporary Art Tuia Hautala-Hirvioa
The Sculpture of Iver Jåks and the Question of Sámi Aesthetics Irene Snarby
Critical Terms: Duodji,Contexts, and Ethnographic Objects
Decolonial or Creolized Commons? SámiDuodiin the Expanded Field Charlotte Bydler
The Power of Natural Materials and Environments in ContemporaryDuodi Gunvor Guttorm
Indigenous Aesthetics: Add Context to Context Harald Gaski
Strange Obects: Ethnographic Obects in Between Self-Presentation and Contextualisation Christian Spies
331 335 339 346
Negotiations: Contemporary, Indigenous Art and Architecture of the North
Strategies of Monumentality in Contemporary Sámi Architecture Elin Haugdal
Travelogue: Karukinka-Kangirsuk Still Images From Video Geir Tore Holm
Performing the Forgotten: Body, Territory, and Authenticity in Contemporary Sámi Art Ulla Angkær Jørgensen
Blubber Poetics: Emotional Economies andPost-Postcolonial Identities in Contemporary Greenlandic Literature and Art Kirsten Thisted
Contemporary Sámi Art in the Making of Sámi Art History: The Work of Geir Tore Holm, Outi Pieski and Lena Stenberg Monica Grini
The Modern and the Modernist in Twentieth-Century Indigenous Arts Ruth B. Phillips
Index of names and places Index of subects Authors Presentations Map
During the last decades we have witnessed an increasing interest among art historians, critics, theorists, literary scholars and anthropologists using postco-lonial approaches and indigenous methodology — in Scandinavia and beyond — in the art and art history of the indigenous Sámi people. Simply put, we may describe this interest as twofold. On the one hand, it focuses on the production of new knowledge of works of art, crafts (duodi), architecture and aesthetics in Sápmi, the areas of northern Scandinavia and the Kola peninsula in which the Sámi traditionally live. On the other hand, it represents ways of rethinking some of the established European foundations within the academic disciplines of art history and its related, humanist fields of investigation. In this respect, the Sámi Art Research Proect (SARP) at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, initiated in 2009, stands as one of the first interdisciplinary and international research proects to have investigated these and other related topics. This anthology presents some of the most notable results of SARP. We hope its texts will inspire and expand future research regarding the indigenous art, crafts and architecture of peoples living in the northern, sub-arctic regions of Europe, America and Asia. It is our firm conviction that such research will con-tribute to a better global understanding of art practices and institutions in these regions, and shed light on questions such as how the various forms and genres of art influence and interact with different social, economic, political and envi-ronmental spheres, to name but a few. Regardless of where people live, we hold that many of the issues and problems presented here are not only relevant to but also highly significant for ongoing discussions regarding these matters globally. Our sincere thanks go to all the members of SARP for their contributions. These are the Norwegian and Sámi-Norwegian art historians Monica Grini, Hanna Horsberg Hansen, Irene Snarby and Tone Tingvoll; the Sámi artist Geir Tore Holm; the Norwegian philosopher Ståle Finke; the Swedish curator Jan-Erik Lundström; the Swedish art historians Charlotte Bydler and Dan Karlholm; the Danish literary scholar Kirsten Thisted; the Finnish art historian Tuia Hau-
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tala-Hirvioa; and the German art historians Birgit Mersmann and Christian Spies. We are also deeply grateful to our external collaborators. Some of these col-laborators have a Sámi background, i.e., the artists Aslaug Juliussen, Joar Nango and Sara Margrethe Oskal, the artists and art historians Maa Dunjeld and Gun-vor Guttorm, the art historian Kellaug Isaksen, the philosopher Nils Oskal and the linguist Lene Antonsen. The other prominent allies of our proect are the art historian Ruth B. Phillips and the curators Greg Hill and Christine Lalonde, Canada; the art historians James Elkins and Dylan Miner, USA; the art historians Rognald Heiseldal Bergesen and Ingeborg Høvik, the film scholar Monica Mec-sei, the literary scholar Knut Ove Arntzen, and the curators Charis Gullickson, Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, Sigrun Rasmussen and Leif Magne Tangen, Norway; and the literary scholar Anne Heith, Sweden. The Research Council of Norway, the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, and the Nordic Culture Fund, Copenhagen deserve our profound gratitude for the funding of SARP and for their administrative support. We also thank Riddoduottar Museat in Káráš-ohka (Karasok), the Art Museum of Northern Norway and Tromsø kunstforen-ing in Tromsø for their collaborations. Last but not least, we are indebted to Jacob Hukill, Jørgen Lund and Sharon Rhodes for their contributions in pre-paring this anthology, and Aarhus University Press and our editor Sanne Lind Hansen for bringing this proect to fruition.
Svein Aamold Elin Haugdal Ulla Angkær Jørgensen
This page is protected by copyright and may not be redistributed.
This page is protected by copyright and may not be redistributed.
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