Notice Lecteur cassette stéréo Radio Philips  ACT6688/00
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Notice Lecteur cassette stéréo Radio Philips ACT6688/00


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Notice utilisateur, mode d'emploi du modèle 'ACT6688/00' de marque 'Philips'


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The model number is found at the bottom of the production number in the battery compart
EnglishPOWER SUPPLYACCESSORIES GENERALFEATURES BATTERY (OPTIONAL)ACCESSORIES (INCLUDED) 1The battery compartment isinside the cassette1 x Sports stereo headphones, 1 x Belt clip compartment. Open the cassette door by unlocking the top USING THE BELT CLIP(See fig. 2) clip and then lifting the door open. 1To attach:align the clip so that1is hooked on and the screw 2Open the battery door and insert two alkaline batteries, lock2matches the hole. Rotate screw lock3clockwise. type R6, UM3 or AA as indicated. ¥ Youcan clip your set vertically onto a belt or horizontally if you ¥ Remove the batteries from the set if they are exhausted or thread a belt through the openings on each end of the clip. not to be used for a long time. 2To detach from the set:Rotate screw lock3counterclockwise When the batteries are running low,will flash and unhook1. briefly in the display and you should insert new batteries. If the radio is on, it will automatically switch RESET BUTTON off. Should you receive external interference e.g. static electricity It may be necessary to reprogram your preset stations from carpets, thunderstorms, etc. which affects the display and adjust the clock time. and electronic functions of your set, the reset button allows you to clear all data (e.g. tuning step, presets) from your set MEMORY PROTECTION and to start up again. The memory protection acts as a backup. When changing ¥ Use a ball point pen to press theRESETbutton, found on batteries, the time setting, presets and the last station the back of the cassette door. listened to are retained for up to 30 minutes. LOCKING This button helps you to prevent any of the other front panel controls from being accidentally pressed when you are listening to the radio or when you are not using the radio.
SETTING THE CLOCK 1Press theLOCKbutton appears in the display whenLOCKis activated. 2To deactivate the LOCK function, pressLOCKagain. disappears from the display. CLOCK DISPLAY The time is displayed using either the 12 or 24-hour clock system. The seconds are synchronized with the flashing colon Ô:Õ second by second, and also by the 12-segment analogue clock display, where each segmentrepresents 5 seconds. 1In the time mode, pressENTER. The clock digits will flash for 5 seconds. 2To set the hour/ minutes for the clock time, pressHRorMIN while the display is still flashing. With your finger held down onHR, the hour will increase steadily as a number from 1-12 or 0-23. ReleaseHRwhen you reach the approximate time setting. With your finger held down onMIN, the minutes will increase rapidly and continuously. Press briefly and repeatedly if you need to adjust the minutes slowly. 3Press theENTERbutton a second time to confirm the time setting. The clock digits will stop flashing.
CHANGING THE TUNING STEPS AND 12/24-HR CLOCK In North and South America the frequency step between adjacent channels in theAM bandis10 KHz.In the rest of the world this step is 9 KHz. Usually the frequency step has been preset in the factory for your area. The tuning step on this set is also combined with the hour clock display where: 10 KHzuses the 12-hr clock 9 KHzuses the 24-hr clock All preset stations will be lost and need to be programmed again when you change the tuning step. 1In the radio mode, press and holdENTER. The radio station frequency will disappear from the display. 2Without releasingENTER, press and also hold down: ¥TUNING +(up) 5 seconds or more to select a tuning step of10 KHzand the 12-hr clock. The display shows ÔUÕ briefly. ¥TUNING Ð(down) 5 seconds or more to select a tuning step of 9 KHzand the 24-hr clock. The display shows ÔEÕ briefly.
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RADIO RECEPTIONTUNING 1Unplug the rubber seal of the headphone jack and connect the Direct Access tuning headphones to thepjack. The frequency of the station you wish to tune to must be known. 2To switch on the radio and select your waveband: You can find these frequencies in station tables or radio guides. ¥ pressRADIO ON-OFFonce forAM. 1In the radio mode, press ENTER. ¥ pressRADIO ON-OFFtwice to selectFM The current frequency in the display disappears. STEREOappears on the display when you are receiving a 2Use the Preset memory buttons to enter the digits of your FMstereo broadcast. desired frequency within a 5 second period. 3Select your station by one of the following: 3PressENTERagain to confirm your radio station. by using theÐ TUNING +control (down or up); The display shows the selected frequencyor the pressing one of the Preset memory buttons0-9for a preset nearest frequency. station; If you have made an incorrect entry,Errwill appear in Direct Access Tuning, by entering the known band the display. frequency. 4Adjust the sound withVOLUMEandDBB (Dynamic BassEntry examples of bands and frequencies: Boost)controls.e.g.i 98.1MHz, FM: Press9,8,1andENTER 5To turn off the radio, pressRADIO ON-OFFonce or until theKHz, AM:e.g.ii 610Press6,1,0andENTER display showsOFFand reverts to the clock mode. Manual tuning To improve reception:¥PressTUNING Ðor+briefly, once or as often as required until FM:The headphone cord functions as the FM-antenna. Extend itthe right frequency is found. In this way, the frequency can be fully and position the cord.changed step by step. AM:Uses the built-in antenna. Turn the set to find the best position.
If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below before taking the set for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer or service center. WARNING:Under no circumstances should you try to repair the set yourself, as this will invalidate your warranty.
DanslecasdÕunepanne,vÈrifiezlespointsci-dessousavantdÕenvoyerlÕappareilenrÈparation.SivousnerÈussissezpasÈsroudrele problËme, contactez votre revendeur ou votre service aprËs-vente. AVERTISSEMENT: NÕessayez en aucun pas de rÈparer lÕappareil vous-mÍme, car vous perdiez tout droit de garantie