King Kong
126 pages
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126 pages
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Movie Release Date : December 2005



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Nombre de lectures 88
Licence : En savoir +
Paternité, pas d'utilisation commerciale, partage des conditions initiales à l'identique
Langue English


Screenplay by
Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson
Based on a Story by
© Universal Pictures 
1. EXT. CENTRAL PARK  DAY CLOSE ON: A scrawny MONKEY scratches. ANGLES ON: Defeated, listless ANIMALS, in the bleak environs of a dilapidated ZOO. WIDER: It is CENTRAL PARK ZOO in depression era NEW YORK. The PARK itself is like a GARBAGE DUMP, dotted with squalid SHANTY TOWNS. Against these BLEAK IMAGES, the SOUND of a BRIGHT, BRASSY SONG fades up: Al Jolson, singing “I’m Sitting on Top of the World”. The sky line of MANHATTAN rises in the background, a grim steaming jungle on this cold FALL day.
EXT. NY STREETS  DAY SONG continues over: IMAGES: The CROWDED STREETS of NEW YORK ... beneath the bustle is a sense of despair. LONG SOUP LINES snake along the STREETS. The HUNGRY search through RUBBISH BINS for FOOD. SKYSCRAPERS rise steadily upwards as more people are evicted from their homes. HOMELESS sleep amid steaming VENTS and GARBAGE STREWN GUTTERS. Intercut:
INT. VAUDEVILLE THEATRE  NIGHT SONG continues over: MANNY, an oldtime VAUDEVILLIAN, hurriedly fixes a large DROOPY MOUSTACHE on to a YOUNG WOMAN’S TOP LIP ... this is ANN DARROW. IMAGES: Weird and wonderful snatches of VAUDEVILLE ACTS follow ... singers, jugglers, boxing ladies. Intercut with:
INT. VAUDEVILLE THEATRE  NIGHT ANGLE ON: ANN on STAGE ... dressed as an ELEGANT GENT, she launches into ‘I’m Just Wild About Harry’ with HARRY, a larger thanlife PERFORMER dressed in a FRILLY DRESS, BRASSY RED WIG and FALSIES.
MANNY’s CHARACTER joins in ... SNEEZING LOUDLY and causing ANN to take a SUDDEN PRAT FALL. And so the ROUTINE BUILDS ... ANN and HARRY singing and dancing ... MANNY SNEEZING ... ANN falling. The AUDIENCE look on with bored expressions on their faces. All except ONE MAN at the BACK, who is LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. CLOSE ON: ANN throwing everything into her ACT ... SWEAT rolls down her face ... she tries not to get distracted by the LAUGHING, WHEEZING MAN. WIDER: A SMATTERING of APPLAUSE from the TINY AUDIENCE. 40 PEOPLE in a THEATRE designed for 500. Crash cut:
INT. DRESSING ROOM  NIGHT CLOSE ON: MANNY in the NOISY, CROWDED DRESSING ROOM, which is full of VAUDEVILLE PERFORMERS in various stages of undress. MANNY fires off a loud comical SNEEZE. He looks around at the others. MANNY That’s a funny one! Isn’t that funnier? HARRY It’s hysterical, Manny. As long as we’re laughing we won’t be crying over the box office. Talk about depressing. ANGLE ON: ANN sitting down at a MIRROR, starting to take off her VEST ... a book entitled“ISOLATION” by Jack Driscolllies half open on the counter top nearby... ANN Twenty girls in feather boas prancing around like circus ponies! That’s depressing! ANGLE ON: MAUDE, a BLOWSY SINGER, lighting up a cigarette. MAUDE (fondly) I love a good chorus line! CLOSE ON: ANN brushing her HAIR. TAPS, a young tap dancer, leans across and picks up the book. TAPS What’s this? ANN It’s a play.
MANNY Who wrote it, Annie? TAPS Some guy  Driscoll. (reading the jacket of book) From the Federal Theatre. MAUDE Don’t knock it, honey  at least they get an audience. ANN It’ll pick up .... Ain’t that right, Manny? The DRESSING ROOM goes suddenly quiet ... MANNY looks away, refusing to meet ANN’s eye. ANN (cont'd) (trailing off) It always does.
EXT. DRESSING ROOM ALLEYWAY  NIGHT MANNY and ANN emerge from the STAGE DOOR, into an ALLEYWAY. Night and winter are setting in ... MANNY splutters out another LOUD SNEEZE. MANNY The trick is to start the build right at the back of your throat... (sneezing comically) Works well out through the nose too. ANN Have you eaten today? MANNY (sheepish) Oh, I’m not hungry. Don’t worry about me. ANN Hey  you’re all I’ve got. ANN slips her arm through MANNY’S ... ANN (cont’d) Come on  take me to dinner. MANNY You think the kitchen’ll still be open on Third?
ANN Soup and biscuits  perfect.
Cut to:
EXT. VAUDEVILLE THEATRE  DAY WIDE ON: The VAUDEVILLE THEATRE. The DOOR is chained closed. WORKMEN are up ladders, taking the HOARDINGS down SIGN and putting a large sign up:THEATRE CLOSED TILL FURTHER NOTICE ... ANN (calling out to Harry) Hey! Harry, what’s going on? ANGLE ON: ANN ... rattling the HEAVY STEEL CHAINS that are LOCKED around the DOORS to the VAUDEVILLE THEATRE ... ANN(cont’d) Hey, open up! We work here. A WORKMAN up a LADDER smirks down at her. LADDER MAN Not anymore. A MOTLEY collection of VAUDEVILLE PERFORMERS cluster on the SIDEWALK ... near them an incongruous assortment of PROPS and COSTUMES litter the STREET ... MAUDE (calling at some WORKMEN) It’s all right for you! We haven’t had a pay check in two weeks  how we going to eat? ANN They’re not going to get away with this. CLOSE ON: MAUDE looks bleakly at ANN ... MAUDE They just did. ANN tries to gather up PROPS  MANNY’s BROOM, her TOPHAT, HARRY’S parasol ... MANNY (O.S.) Ann ... Annie! It’s no use. ANN turns ... Manny is standing quietly to one side. MANNY (cont’d) The show it’s over  it’s done. I’m done. I’m leaving, Annie ... I’m going back to Chicago. I’m sorry ... ANGLE ON: ANN stares at MANNY in shock ..
MANNY (cont’d) I’m sorry, Ann. Ever since you were small people have been letting you down. But you gotta think of yourself now. You should try out for that part.
ANN looks at him warily ...
MANNY (cont'd) It’s what you’ve always wanted. Oh, I know what you’re thinking  every time you reach out for something you care about ... fate comes along and snatches it away.
MANNY, grabs ANN’S hand ...
MANNY (cont’d) But not this time, Annie ... not this time.
CLOSE ON: ANN as she digests MANNY’S words ... the LOUD rumble of an EL TRAIN thunders overhead ...
ANGLE ON: WESTON, a NEW YORK THEATRE PRODUCER, strides out of his office, a copy of VARIETY tucked under his arm ...
ANN (faux nonchalance) Oh, hello Mr. Weston?!
WESTON turns and sees ANN ... he quickens his step.
WESTON Oh, Jeez ...
ANGLE ON: ANN falls into step beside WESTON as he hurries along the BUSY SIDEWALK.
WESTON (cont’d) Look, Miss ... I told you already; call my office  leave your resume with my secretary.
ANN doggedly follows WESTON ...
ANN Why would I want to do that when we can talk about it in person?
WESTON Because that’s what a smart girl would do.
ANN But I already sent you my resume  you returned it unopened.
WESTON What can I say? Jack Driscoll’s very particular about who he works with. ANN Please, just an audition  that’s all I’m asking. WESTON Jesus  you don’t give up, do you? ANN Mr. Weston, I know this role backwards. WESTON Well, that’s too bad  because we just gave the part to someone else. Sorry, kid  the play is cast. They are standing outside an ITALIAN RESTAURANT ... WESTON goes to enter ... ANN catches a glimpse of PLATES of FOOD and GLASSES of WINE. She quickly looks away. WESTON catches the glance and stops. WESTON (cont’d) Look  I know times are tough. You want my advice? Use what you got. You’re not bad looking  a girl like you doesn’t have to starve. HOPE flickers in ANN’S EYES as WESTON fishes into his POCKET for a PEN and BUSINESS CARD. He scribbles down an address. WESTON (cont’d) There’s a new place, just opened. (handing to her) Listen, princess  this gig ain’t the Palace, you understand? Ask for Kenny K. Tell him I sent you. WESTON hands her the BUSINESS CARD ... ANN looks down at the address, not recognizing it. She looks at him questioningly. WESTON (cont’d) (evasive) Just play the date, take the money and forget you was ever there. CLOSE ON: ANN staring down at the piece of paper in her hand.
INT. NY SCREENING ROOM  DAY FLICKERING B&W IMAGES: TIGERS ROARING ... BRUCE BAXTER, in a PITH HELMET, stalking through undergrowth ... He raises his rifle and fires! CLICK! The gun is JAMMED. BRUCE turning to CAMERA, speaking soundlessly.
CLOSE ON: A SLEEPY looking LION. A PIECE of MEAT is lowered into frame ... DENHAM appears briefly holding the MEAT. He is attempting to STIR the yawning ANIMAL into life. CAMERA TILTS UP briefly revealing the bars of a CAGE. PRESTON’S FACE appears aboveaCLAPPERBOARD...TAKE5CLOSE ON: CARL DENHAM sitting in the smoky SCREENING ROOM. He is nervous ... his eyes flick from one INVESTOR to the other ... trying to read the room. ZELMAN How much more is there? ASSISTANT Another five reels. ZELMAN Lights up. Light floods the room as the washed out image on screen is extinguished.DENHAM notices a sleazy looking INVESTOR wake up with a start. THUGGISH INVESTOR This is it? This is what we get for our forty grand, Denham? Another one of your Safari pictures? SLEAZY INVESTOR You promised us romantic scenes with Bruce Baxter and Maureen McKenzie. DENHAM Come on, fellas  you know the deal  we agreed to push Maureen’s start date so she could get her teeth fixed. THUGGISH INVESTOR It’s not the principle of the thing  it’s the money. ZELMAN Carl  you’ve been in production for over two months  DENHAM Trust me, Bruce and Maureen are gonna steam up the screen  once we get them ontheship. ZELMAN What ship? DENHAM The one we’ve hired to get to the location. DENHAM hurriedly pulls himself up  as ZELMAN turns on him.
ZELMAN What location? Carl  you’re supposed to be shooting on the backlot.
DENHAM Yes, I understand that  but fellas, we’re not making that film anymore  and I’ll tell you why.
DENHAM gets out of his SEAT and moves to the FRONT of the ROOM.
DENHAM (cont’d) The story has changed, the script has been rewritten.
DENHAM turns to face the room, whipping a TATTERED MAP out of his pocket.
DENHAM (cont’d) Life intervened! I’ve come into possession of a map. (growing excitement) The soul surviving record of an unchartered island, a place that was thought to exist only in myth ... until now!
ZELMAN Whoa! Carl  slow down! SLEAZY INVESTOR Is he askin’ for more money?
THUGISH INVESTOR He’s asking us to fund a wild goose chase.
DENHAM I’m talking about a primitive world ... never before seen by man! The ruins of an entire civilisation  the most spectacular thing you’ve ever seen! (dramatiC pause) That’s where I’ll shoot my picture!
SILENCE for a beat ... And then 
SLEAZY INVESTOR Will there be boobies? DENHAM is momentarily SPEECHLESS.
DENHAM Excuse me, boobies?
SLEAZY INVESTOR Jigglies, jablongers, bazoomers! ... In my experience people only go to these films to observe the ... undraped form of the native girls. DENHAM What are you  an idiot? You think they asked De Mille to waste his time on nudie shots? No  they respected the film maker, they showed some class! Not that you’d know what that means  you cheap lowlife! ZELMAN shifts uncomfortably in his seat as THUGGISH shoots him an ANGRY LOOK. ZELMAN Would you step outside for a moment, Carl? DENHAM looks at them ... the INVESTORS avoid EYE CONTACT.
AS DENHAM STEPS INTO THE LOBBY, PRESTON, HIS LONG SUFFERING ASSISTANT WAITS ON A SOFA. DENHAM points suddenly to the GLASS OF WATER on the TABLE next to PRESTON. DENHAM Gimme that  quick! PRESTON hands him the WATER. PRESTON You won’t like it, it’s nonalcoholic! DENHAM empties the GLASS into a POT PLANT. DENHAM Preston, you have a lot to learn about the motion picture business. ANGLE ON: DENHAM quietly places the GLASS against the SCREENING ROOM DOOR, and presses his ear against it.
INT. NY SCREENING ROOM  DAY ZELMAN looks to the INVESTORS. ZELMAN Don’t write him off fellas. He’s hot headed sure, but Carl Denham’s made some interesting pictures, he’s had a lot of ... near success.
THUGGISH INVESTOR (interrupts) He’s a preening self promoter ...
INT. SCREENING ROOM LOBBY  DAY CLOSE ON: DENHAM listening ... THUGGISH INVESTOR (O.S.) (through the door) ... an ambitious notalent! The guy has “loser” written all over him. ZELMAN (O.S.) Look, I understand your disappointment.THUGISH INVESTOR (O.S.) He’s washed up  It’s all over town! SLEAZY INVESTOR (O.S.) He can’t direct. He doesn’t have the smarts.
INT. SCREENING ROOM LOBBY  DAY THUGGISH INVESTOR This jumped up little turd’s gonna bankrupt us. ZELMAN The animal footage has value? SLEAZY INVESTOR Sure ... Universal are desperate for stock footage. THUGGISH INVESTOR Then sell it! Scrap the picture! We gotta retrieve something from this  debacle. ZELMAN nods ... gestures to the YOUNG ASSISTANT. ZELMAN Get him back in. ANGLE ON: The YOUNG ASSISTANT opens the DOOR, steps into the LOBBY which is ... YOUNG ASSISTANT Mr. Denham? ... EMPTY.
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