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British titles and honours
SOUTHAFRICA: Building post-apartheid reconciliation
Grammar: Reexive pronouns
Organising your summer holidays
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no89 March–APril 2018
B1 toC2 intermediate toadvanced
L 12891- 89 -F:6,50- RD
- DOM/S: 6,60
BELT:O6,MC6/A0SN::0180,C0F0P$-CAHD: 11,10 FS
no89 March-APril 2018
1 1IntRoduction 22--63  In the News 23-25  Talking to  74 - 5 PRess Clippings 26-27  On the Job  8-9 28 6 - 7 The News in Depth  NuMbeRs Talking  WoRds & CultuRe 29-32  10-12 8 - 9 Business News  13-14 What to Say 33-36 What’s Up? 10  -1815Tips and Techniques  37-39  ShoRt StoRy 11 - 12 -20 19 Did You Know? 40  Just Kidding!  21-2123 Life as ARt 41 Tongue TwisteRs  4214 ConVeRsation 15 - 16 43  IMpRoVe youR intonation  44  PRactise youR pRonunciation
• Plus d’une heure d’écoute d’articles du magaZine • Des accents différents pour habituer votre oreille auX différentes intonations
• Une vitesse adaptée au niveau de l’article • DES ExERCICES DE PRONONCIATION ET DE DICTION
conTEnTs 11no89March-APril 2018 How to speak about the news NEWS 4-5In the NewsB2 C1 5PRess ClippingsC1C2 The News in Depth6-7 B2 C1 Puerto Rico, American (but not an American state) AMy Winehouse,BacktoBlackalbumLANGUAGE 8-10WoRds & CultuReC1C2  The ABCs of spelling 2012-13&spiTuqinhceTesB1B211What to SayB1 B2 © CC BY 2.0 How to speak about the news Organising your summer holiday TImE TrAvEL The GRaMMaR Pointto14-15B1C2 Reexive pronouns 16-17Did You Know?24 C1 Idioms using the word ‘queen’ 10 WoRds18 B2 C1 Out of Africa trAvELANDCULtUrE 20-21Life as ARtB2 Amy Winehouse,BacktoBlackalbum © Charles HB Mercer / Shutterstock.com 22-23PRoïleB2 C1 Building post-apaRtheid ReconciliationMaxine Waters, a Democratic US representative for CaliforniaTiMe TRaVel24-27 C1 Building post-apartheid reconciliation in the Rainbow Nation 29 29-31Talking toC1C2 Christian Bale, about the movieHostiles BUSINESS TALKING TO On the Job32-33 B2 Christian Bale © Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com Ulla Gaudin, makeup artist and wigmaster IndustRy Focus34-36 C1C2 Trader Joe’s, an all-American supermarket NuMbeRs Talking36 C1 Ull3a Gaud2in, 37Business NewsB2 C1 © CC BY-SA 4.0 LIFEStyLE 38TRendy PlacesB1 makeup artist Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and wigmaster © DR Insights40-41 C1 British titles and honours: How easy is it to get one? 2-43What’s Up?4 B2 C1 INSIGHTS: 44-46ShoRt StoRyC1C2 40 British titles  Lawless and the Paris Assassin and honours FUNANDGAMES 47QuizB2 C1 SYmBOLS:ARticle in AMeRican English About ‘Lawless and the Paris Assassin’ ARticle Read and RecoRded onaudio ïles48JuB2 C1 st Kidding!The audio îles also have pronunciation and intonation Tongue TwisteRsto48 B1C2 Digital Audio eXeRcisesbased on articles from the magazine. eXeRcise 49NeXt Issue & AnsweRs
The articles range fromleVelB1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. B1InteRMediateC1AdVanced B2UppeR InteRMediateC2PRoïciency
Go English No 892018 March-April
IN thE NEWS Article byruth AdaM
tHe fuTuRe Of supeRmaRkeT sHOppingCanada is encouragingshoppersto use more technology in supermarkets,so they can buy,bagand pay for goodsthemselves. On entering a store, you take a portable scanner, and then you check in items as you go along. When you’ve finished, the scanner adds up the value of yourpurchaseditems. You then bag the items yourself and pay at aself-checkoutmachine. This seems to be the future, and companies will make bigsavingsonoverheads, as there will be fewer checkout employees.Some people might miss thebanterwith employees, but other people seem to love it: “It was good,” one shopper said, about their self-checkoutexperience. “I didn’t have to speak to a single person!”
a shopper
to bag goods to purchase
un acheteur, une personne qui fait ses courses mettre dans un sac la marchandise, les produits acheter
savings overheads the banter
WellingTOn and MexicO CiTY sHaReeaRTHQuakeexpeRTise
la caisse (du supermarché) en libre-service les économies les frais généraux le badinage, la plaisanterie
New Zealand and Mexico can learn a lot from each other when it comes to earthquakes, as both countries have capital cities near majorfaultsand with large areas built onreclaimed land. Structural earthquake engineers who visited ruins in Mexico City after the 2017 earthquake recognised that Wellington has similar vulnerable constructions. In 2016, many South Island buildings survived the Kaikoura earthquakeunscathed, but that was largely because Wellington was further from the epicentre; any closer and the story would be completely different. A government enquiry into building standards isongoing, but industry experts fear that property owners will leave improvementsuntil the last minute, creating a demand that will be difîcult for the engineering industry to meet.
Go English No 89 March-April 2018
an earthquake
a fault reclaimed land unscathed ongoing an improvement © CC BY-SA 4.0
un tremblement de terre une faille (géologique) des terrains viabilisés indemne, sain et sauf en cours une amélioration
Successful TeacHeR HeldlessOns undeR a TRee
© DR
FoR oVeR twodecades, in the noRtheast of South AfRica, JeRRy mbowane taught MatheMatics and science undeR a tRee in his faMily’syaRd. This was a daunting pRospect, as he didn’t haVe enough desks oR chaiRs foR his students, and he had to cope withcapRicious weatheR conditions. HoweVeR, his pupils weReenthusiastic andeageR tosucceed. mbowane belieVed inchanging the iMage of sciences, which aRe oftenMalignedas difïcult subjects, as they aRe iMpoRtant when it coMes to uniVeRsity adMissions. OVeR the yeaRs, he has tRansfoRMed soMe of the pooRest childRen in his aRea into students with stRaight A’s*, who haVe gone on to becoMe doctoRs, engineeRs and lectuReRs. reading about his success, a local© NigelSpiers / Shutterstock.com petRocheMical coMpany was undeRstandably iMpRessed and Made a donation of r150,000 (aboute8,800), which will now pRoVide mbowane and his students withstationeRyand a classRooM.
* To get straight A’s at school or college is to get the best results in all examinations.
to hold (held, held) a decade a yard a daunting prospect to cope with to be eager to maligned stationery
organiser, tenir une décennie un jardin une tâche difîcile affronter, faire face à être impatient de néfaste, pernicieux des fournitures de bureau
B2 C1 2-6
MicROcHipsfOR aTHleTesThe WoRld OlyMpians Association wastaken abackwhen its chief eXecutiVe, mike milleR, suggested that in oRdeR to ïght dRug taking in spoRt, peRhaps athletes could be MicRo-chipped, Much as we do with aniMals. He was speaking to anti-doping leadeRs at a WestMinsteR foRuM on integRity in spoRt, and Made it cleaR that this was his own idea, and not the policy of the association. He Realised that people would be Reluctant to do this to huMan beings, but in oRdeR to fosteRa debate, he said: “Well, we’Re a nation of dog loVeRs; we’Re pRepaRed to chip ouR dogs and it doesn’t seeMto haRMtheM, so why aRen’t we pRepaRed to chip ouRselVes?”
a microchip taken aback
une puce électronique surpris, étonné, déconcerté
to foster to harm
encourager faire du tort à
WOmen pRisOneRs îgHTing CalifORnia’swildîResCalifornia’s womeninmateswillinglychoose to be trained as îreîghters and work long,arduoushours during the wildîre season. It’s dangerous work and they don’t do it for the money, which is apittance, but because they are part of a team that knows it is doing something worthwhile. As one woman said, they would do it for free: “It feels goodthat you saved somebody’s home, you know?” Unfortunately,when they leave prison, the women cannot be hired by their local county îre departments, which prohibit the hiring offelons. Even the prison department regrets this situation; it seems ashamethat the state cannotreap the beneîtsofits training programme, while also helping ex-offendersto geta solidfoothold insociety.
a wildîre an inmate willingly
arduous a pittance
un feu de forêt un détenu, un prisonnier de bon cœur, de bonne grâce difîcile, laborieux une misère, des clopinettes
© mikeledray / Shutterstock.com
a felon a shame to reap the beneîts of sth to get a foothold in
un criminel (ici) dommage récolter les fruits de qch avoir un point d’appui dans
PrESS CLIPPINGS Article byruth AdaM
C1 C2
About theNational Football League(NFL) protest Controversy
I am not goingto stand upto show pride in a ag for a Country that oppresses blaCk people and people of Color. COlin KaepeRnick, THe îRsT NFL plaYeR TO sTaRTkneelingduRing THeNaTiOnal AnTHem
I try to Challenge people that you shouldbejust asupsetthat all of these things are happening in this Country. What we are saying that this ag stands for, and justiCe for all, and the things in our Constitution that we hold near and dear*, are notbeing upheld. MalcOlm Jenkins, an AmeRican fOOTball safeTY fOR THe PHiladelpHia Eagles
Thisunion…will never baCk down when it Comes to proteCting the Constitutional rights of our players, as well as their safety as men who Compete in a game that eXposes them to great risks. DeMauRice SmiTH, execuTiVe diRecTOR Of THe NFL PlaYeRs AssOciaTiOn
PolitiCs and sportshavealways beenintertwined... RaCe is a part of the DNA of this Country. Spike Lee, îlmmakeR
Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFLowners, when somebody disrespeCts our ag, say, ‘Get that son of arThOGo the îeld right now, out, he’s îred. He’s FIRED! DOnald tRump, 45TH PResidenT Of THe UniTed STaTes
to stand up to kneel (knelt or kneeled, knelt or kneeled) the national anthem to be upset to be upheld a union
to be intertwined an owner to be îred
se leVeR se MettRe à genouX, s’agenouilleR l’hyMne national êtRe affecté, êtRe contRaRié (ici) êtRe Respecté un syndicat, une oRganisation syndicale êtRe étRoiteMent lié un pRopRiétaiRe êtRe ViRé, êtRe RenVoyé
* ‘Near and dear’ is an expression meaning ‘those who are near to your heart and dear to you’.
Go English No 892018 March-April
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