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The Aging Games , livre audio


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The Aging Games: Learn All the Life-Changing Hacks on How to Fight Aging and Stay Youthful Forever!
For centuries, humans have been obsessed with beauty and youth. We have tried everything from practices we still use today to some off the wall things that might make one cringe in order to maintain a youthful appearance. With the technology that we have at our disposal now, looking and feeling great is almost down to a science! Even now, scientists are uncovering new tips and tricks to maintaining a youthful appearance that will help us to stay confident and enhance our lives.
In this audiobook, you will learn all the life-changing hacks that can help you stay youthful! You will learn useful and proven ways on how to fight aging and look and feel young forever.
This audiobook will cover the following topics:
- The Importance of Taking Care of Your Skin
- Staying Out of the Sun, For Health’s Sake
- Bad Habits to Avoid to Prevent Aging and Preserve Youthfulness
- The Best Foods to Eat to Prevent Premature Aging
- Best Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Anti-Aging
- Stress Relief Tips for Preventing Aging and Preserving Youthfulness
- How Hydration Helps Us Stay Youthful
- Maintaining an Active Lifestyle to Stay Youthful and Combat Aging
- Supporting Your Gastrointestinal Health to Prevent Aging
- How to Enjoy Your Sweet Tooth While Managing an Anti-Aging Lifestyle
- The Importance of a Good Night Sleep and How to Get One Properly to Maintain Youthfulness
- And many more!
We don’t have to accept aging at face value! We can take control over our bodies and lives and do everything possible to prevent aging from taking over our lives. If you want to learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!



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Date de parution 31 juillet 2022
Nombre de lectures 5
EAN13 9781667997476
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 41 Mo


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