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French for Beginners , livre audio


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Who hasn’t dreamt of speaking French? It’s a romantic language that opens the door to fantastic trips to France – Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille, and more – while being able to converse and express oneself in the native tongue.
The French for Beginners audiobook will help you to learn the key words, phrases and idioms used in daily French in order to engage in basic, day-to-day conversations.
You’ll start the audiobook by learning how various sounds in French are pronounced and you’ll become familiar with the specificities of the French alphabet.
We’ll introduce you to basic formal and informal greetings and introductions and the use of singular and plural pronouns and verbs, before moving on to numbers.
You’ll learn how to correctly pronounce numbers, and ask for and tell the time and the prices of items, along with how to make an appointment and requests, book a reservation and set an appointment.
The audiobook will guide you through expressing your likes and dislikes and the descriptive adjectives and verbs commonly used in daily life. We’ll explore how to talk about and describe the daily activities you engage in within the home, work, travel, sports, and transportation.
We’ll explore the use of past and future tenses, such as when talking about past events, days of the week, months, seasons, plans and holiday seasons.
The audiobook concludes with a look at common expressions used by the French media, be it in the written press, on the radio or TV.
There are many reasons for learning French. For some, it is the appeal of the sound and musicality of the language, for others, it is the need to grasp idiomatic sentences to travel to France for business, tourism or family reasons.
Whatever your reason, the French for Beginners audiobook will provide you with the tools you need to gain a basic, conversational level of French and a solid foundation from which to build, should you wish to take your studies further.



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Date de parution 17 novembre 2020
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