Preparing For The Exam
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22 pages
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In this section, you will learn the study hacks to help you prepare for the exam, so that you are in the best mindset before you write.



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When many people look at successful people, they usually look at what they did right.
We forget to take into account what they don’t do, which can be even more important.
Before I teach you Pandora’s secret box with regards to studying effectively; I frst need
to inform you about the poor study habits that bring many learners down. Harmful habits
are universal. There are some common mistakes made by students that will always lead to
more pain and waste more time than necessary. You may be using these techniques without
realizing how detrimental they are for you. By identifying them and simply discarding them,
you will already become a more active learner (without even doing anything else). It will be
like driving an automatic car. The toxic study habits are listed below:
1) Studying After Midnight
Do you frequently study well past midnight? If so, you’re in good company as a
surprisingly large percentage of university students think the proper way to study is to chill
until 10 pm and only hit the books afterwards. I know countless of my friends that do this.
However, there are two strong arguments as to why this is completely wrong:
• It’s much harder to concentrate late at night.
• We all know how not having a good night’s sleep negatively affects us the
next day. You constantly yawn, feel low on energy, the class becomes an
ordeal, your health and fitness decrease, etc.
2) Rote learning material
I used to do a lot of rote reviewing in high school. Now, I have seen the light, and I am a
changed man (cue angel music). Reviewing constantly wastes time and is terribly ineffcient
especially if you already know the bulk of the work. Don’t worry; there are much more
effcient learning techniques that I will introduce to you later in this guide.
3) Multi-tasking
If multi-tasking were in Star Wars, it would be on the dark side. This is the worst habit that
many students unconsciously pick up. You may think that Facebook, Youtube, series, snap
chatting, instragramming and internet surfng only has a slight impact on your studying, but
we both know that’s not true. In the section on creating laser-like focus, I’ll explain in detail
how you can prevent this. Something so simple as turning your laptop off can improve your
productivity by 500%.

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