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IQ and APTITUDE Tests , livre ebook


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163 pages

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IQ and Aptitude Tests by contains over 200 pages of comprehensive practice test questions with answers, detailed explanations on how to tackle the types of questions you will come across and an essential tips for gaining high scores in the assessment. IQ and aptitude tests is designed to measure both a candidates potential for achievement in a particular role whilst also giving an accurate indication of an applicants level of intelligence. IQ and Aptitude tests are used more and more in recruitment, testing, selection and assessment procedures. Within this book you will encounter different testing areas, including numerical ability, verbal reasoning, spatial tests, diagrammatic reasoning and problem solving.



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Date de parution 22 août 2014
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Introduction to your new guide
IQ and aptitude test section 1 – mental arithmetic
IQ and aptitude test section 2 – mental arithmetic
IQ and aptitude test section 3 – fractions
IQ and aptitude test section 4 – ratios
IQ and aptitude test section 5 – number sequence
IQ and aptitude test section 6 – spatial aptitude
IQ and aptitude test section 7 – Grammar and Comprehension
IQ and aptitude test section 8 – General verbal aptitude
IQ and aptitude test section 9 – Abstract and diagrammatic reasoning
A few final words
Dear Sir/Madam,
Welcome to your new guide, IQ and Aptitude Tests. This guide contains lots of sample test questions that are appropriate for anyone who is required to take a career-related IQ and Aptitude test. The key to success in any career or job-related assessment is to try your hardest to get 100% correct answers in the test that you are undertaking. If you aim for 100% in your preparation, then you are far more likely to achieve the trade or career that you want. We have deliberately supplied you with lots of sample questions to assist you. It is crucial that when you get a question wrong, you take the time to find out why you got it wrong. Understanding the question is very important.
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Good luck and best wishes,

The How2become team
It’s probably important that I start off by explaining a little bit about myself, my background, and also why I’m suitably qualified to help you prepare for your test.
At the time of writing I am 42 years old and live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I left school at the usual age of 16 and joined the Royal Navy, serving on-board HMS Invincible as part of 800 Naval Air Squadron which formed part of the Fleet Air Arm. There I was, at the age of 16, travelling the world and working as an engineer on Sea Harrier jets! It was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. After four years I left the Royal Navy and joined Kent Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter.
Over the next 17 years I worked my way up through the ranks to the position of Assistant Divisional Officer. During my time in the Fire Service I spent a lot of time working as an instructor at the Fire Brigade Training Centre. I was also involved in the selection process for assessing candidates who wanted to join the job as a firefighter. Therefore, my knowledge and experience gained so far in life has been invaluable in helping people like you to pass any type of selection process. I am sure you will find this guide an invaluable resource during your preparation for your assessment.
I have always been fortunate in the fact that I persevere at everything I do. I’ve understood that if I keep working hard in life then I will always be successful; or I will achieve whatever it is that I want to achieve. This is an important lesson that I want you to take on-board straight away. If you work hard and persevere, then success will come your way. It is also very important that you believe in your own abilities. It does not matter if you have no qualifications. It does not matter if you are currently weak in the area of IQ and aptitude tests or psychometric testing. What does matter is self-belief, self-discipline and a genuine desire to improve and become successful.
Finally, as part of this product I want to give you FREE access to online tests that will help you to pass your IQ and aptitude test. To gain access, simply go to:
Best wishes,

Richard McMunn
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this guide is accurate at the time of publication. How2become Ltd are not responsible for anyone failing any part of any selection process as a result of the information contained within this guide. How2become Ltd and their authors cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions within this guide, however caused. No responsibility for loss or damage occasioned by any person acting, or refraining from action, as a result of the material in this publication can be accepted by How2become Ltd.
The information within this guide does not represent the views of any third party service or organisation.
IQ and Aptitude tests are an important element of a psychometric test. The tests are designed to measure trait intelligence (IQ) and cognitive ability, which is indicated by your efficiency in information processing. Whilst IQ and aptitude tests are designed to test your intelligence, you can actually practice for them, which in turn has been proven to increase scores.
The tests are predominantly used to determine if you are fit for a certain job. The tests used by an employer to assess candidates for a role will be indicative of the role they are required to perform. For example, a bank would most probably use numerical and data interpretation tests whilst assessing bank cashier positions, whilst roles within the aviation industry would utilise spatial and abstract reasoning as part of their assessment. Therefore, it is important that you find out the types of test question you are going to encounter during your particular assessment, and then practice as many as possible under timed conditions in the days and weeks leading up to your test. You can usually find out the types of test question you will be required to undertake by reading the pre-test materials sent by the test centre, or alternatively contacting the test centre directly and asking them for this information.
Within this guide we have provided nine individual test sections which cover the following areas:

- Mental arithmetic, sections 1 and 2
- Ratios
- Fractions
- Number sequence
- Spatial aptitude
- Grammar and punctuation
- General verbal aptitude
- Abstract and diagrammatic reasoning
Before we provide you with a host of sample test questions and answers, let’s take a look at some of the more common questions we get asked by people preparing for IQ and aptitude tests.
How long are the tests?
The time that you will be provided to sit the test will very much depend on the role you are applying for. However, to give you an idea, the tests that form part of the UK clinical aptitude test last for a maximum of 14 minutes, during which time the candidate has to answer 55 questions. The tests are designed so that it is very difficult to complete them. Whilst the assessor or test centre are looking for you to complete as many test questions as possible, they are also looking for you to get the questions you have answered, correct. Therefore, during your preparation you must concentrate on speed as well as accuracy.
What if there are too many questions and I don’t have the time to finish them all?
In the majority of IQ and aptitude tests you are not expected to answer all of the questions. When you turn over the test paper, or when you start your online test, you may see that the total number of questions in the test is excessive for the amount of time you are given to answer them. If this is the case, do not panic; you are not expected to finish the test. These tests are usually designed so that it is very difficult to complete all of the questions. The key to remember is that you must try to answer as many questions as possible, but you should also aim for accuracy. Some test centres will deduct marks for incorrect answers or guessing; therefore, the key to passing the tests is to aim for speed as well as accuracy!
What if my test is online?
If you are required to undertake your test online then you will normally be allowed to decide where and when you take it. Most employers will send you a link to access the online test and give you a timescale in which to complete it. You should, therefore, think carefully about what time is best suited for you to take the test.
Do you perform better in the morning, or do you work better in the evening? You should also think carefully about where you are going to take the test; for example, if you are taking the test at home, are your family aware

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