How to join the British Army
110 pages

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How to join the British Army , livre ebook


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110 pages

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How to join the British Army is an exciting new book that covers every element of the British Army selection process. It covers all aspects of selection from how to apply, how to pass the Army BARB test, BARB test questions, preparing for the Army Development Selection Centre and also how to pass the Army interview. In addition to providing in-depth details of how to pass the selection process it will also provide you with the top 10 insider tips on how to get a career in the Army and also the scoring criteria.



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Date de parution 09 juillet 2012
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How 2 Become

Insider’s guide
joining the Army

Welcome to ‘How 2 Become: The insider’s guide to joining the Army’. This guide has been designed to help you prepare for, and pass the British Army selection process.
The author of this guide, Richard McMunn, has spent over 20 years in both the Armed Forces and the Emergency Services. He has vast experience and knowledge in the area of Armed Forces recruitment and you will find his guidance both inspiring and highly informative. During his highly successful career in the Fire Service, Richard sat on many interview panels assessing candidate’s to join the job. He has also been extremely successful at passing job interviews himself and has a success rate of over 90%! Follow his advice and preparation techniques carefully and you too can achieve the same levels of success in your career.
Whilst the selection process for joining the Army is highly competitive there are a number of things you can do in order to improve your chances of success, and they are all contained within this guide.
The guide itself has been split up into useful sections to make it easier for you to prepare for each stage. Read each section carefully and take notes as you progress. Don’t ever give up on your dreams; if you really want to join the Army then you can do it. The way to prepare for a job in the Armed Forces is to embark on a programme of ‘in depth’ preparation, and this guide will show you exactly how to do that.
If you need any further help with the BARB test, getting fit or Army interview help and advice, then we offer a wide range of products to assist you. These are all available through our online shop . Once again thank you for your custom and we wish you every success in your pursuit to joining the Army. Work hard, stay focused and be what you want...
Best wishes,
The How2become Team

Preface by author Richard McMunn
I can remember sitting in the Armed Forces careers office in Preston, Lancashire at the age of 16 waiting patiently to see the Warrant Officer who would interview me as part of my application for joining the Royal Navy. I had already passed the written tests, and despite never having sat an interview before in my life, I was confident of success.
In the build up to the interview I had worked very hard studying the job that I was applying for, and also working hard on my interview technique. At the end of the interview I was told that I had easily passed and all that was left to complete was the medical. Unfortunately I was overweight at the time and I was worried that I might fail. At the medical my fears became a reality and I was told by the doctor that I would have to lose a stone in weight before they would accept me. I walked out of the doctor’s surgery and began to walk to the bus stop that would take me back home three miles away. I was absolutely gutted, and embarrassed, that I had failed at the final hurdle, all because I was overweight!
I sat at the bus stop feeling sorry for myself and wondering what job I was going to apply for next. My dream of joining the Armed Forces was over and I didn’t know which way to turn. Suddenly, I began to feel a sense of determination to lose the weight and get fit in the shortest time possible. It was at that particular point in my life when things would change forever. As the bus approached I remember thinking there was no time like the present for getting started on my fitness regime. I therefore opted to walk the three miles home instead of being lazy and getting the bus. When I got home I sat in my room and wrote out a ‘plan of action’ that would dictate how I was going to lose the weight required. That plan of action was very simple and it said the following three things:
1. Every weekday morning I will get up at 6am and run 3 miles.
2. Instead of catching the bus to college and then back home again I will walk.
3. I will eat healthily and I will not go over the recommended daily calorific intake.
Every day I would read my simple ‘action plan’ and it acted as a reminder of what I needed to do. Within a few weeks of following my plan rigidly I had lost over a stone in weight and I was a lot fitter too!
When I returned back to the doctor’s surgery for my medical the doctor was amazed that I had managed to lose the weight in such a short space of time and he was pleased that I had been so determined to pass the medical. Six months later I was started my basic training course with the Royal Navy.
Ever since then I have always made sure that I prepare properly for any job application. If I do fail a particular interview or section of an application process then I will always go out of my way to ask for feedback so that I can improve for next time. I also still use an ‘action plan’ in just about every element of my work. Action plans allow you to focus your mind on what you want to achieve and I will be teaching you how to use them to great effect during this guide.
Throughout my career I have always been successful. It’s not because I am better than the next person, but simply because I prepare better. I didn’t do very well at school so I have to work a lot harder to pass the exams and written tests that form part of a job application process but I am always aware of what I need to do and what I must improve on.
I have always been a great believer in preparation. Preparation was my key to success, and it also yours. Without the right level of preparation you will be setting out on the route to failure. The Armed Forces is hard to join, but if you follow the steps that I have compiled within this guide then you will increase your chances of success dramatically.
Remember, you are learning how to be a successful candidate, not a successful soldier - that will come later.
The men and women of the Armed Forces carry out an amazing job. They are there to protect us and our country and they do that job with great pride, passion and very high levels of professionalism and commitment. They are to be congratulated for the job that they do.
Before you apply to join the Army you need to be fully confident that you too are capable of providing that same level of commitment. If you think you can do it, and you can rise to the challenge, then you just might be the type of person the Army is looking for. The Army’s motto is ‘Be the Best’, and that’s exactly what you should be aiming for during your preparation.
As you progress through this guide you will notice that the qualities required to join the Army are a common theme. You must learn these qualities, and also be able to demonstrate throughout the selection process that you can meet them, if you are to have any chance of successfully passing the selection process.

A career with the British Army is both rewarding and satisfying. Jobs for younger people are becoming increasingly harder to obtain nowadays, simply because employers are starting to look for people with more experience. The great thing about a career in the Army is that it will give you plenty of experience and it will also make you very attractive to the majority of employers when you do eventually decide leave after serving your contract. You will have the opportunity to gain many skills and qualifications during your time in the Armed Forces and you will also meet a large number of people who will become close friends and work colleagues. Even though I left the Royal Navy seventeen years ago I still keep in touch with a number of my old friends and colleagues.
Many young men and women apply to join the Army each year and a large number of them fail to pass the application process. In the majority of cases the people who failed could have avoided this by doing one thing - preparing effectively. Try to imagine yourself as a soldier getting ready to go into battle or preparing to carry out a difficult reconnaissance mission. You’ve been briefed by your Commanding Officer, and he or she has told you what they expect. What would your next step be? Obviously you would begin to prepare for your mission and ensure that you carry it out to the best of your ability. Your ability to prepare should start well before your Army career commences.
Why do we go to school? The answer is to prepare for life in society and to hopefully gain a number of qualifications that will allow us to become a good employee or even a competent self-employed person. Regardless of what grades you achieved at school, you must still prepare yourself fully for the Army selection process.
During your preparation it is important to remember that the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Try to imagine yourself as an Army Careers Officer. What would you be looking for in potential applicants? You would most probably be looking for a smart appearance, personal hygiene, clean shoes, confidence, intelligence, manners and politeness to name but a few. An ability to listen to what you are being told is also very important and if you are asked to attend an interview or test at a specific time, then you must make sure you are punctual.
When I applied to join the Armed Forces many years ago I always attended the careers office in a suit, shirt and tie. Nobody had told me to do this but I wanted to stand out from the rest of the applicants and I wanted to create the right impression. Your attitude is very important when you apply to join the Army and I will be teaching you how to demonstrate the right level of commitment and motivation during the content of this guide. In addition to reading this guide it is crucial that you thoroughly read all of the recruitment literature that you are provided with, as you will certainly be asked questions on the information that is contained within it during the selection proc

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