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Miles McKenna is a queer and trans activist. He transitioned online in front of a million people. This is his survival guide. When Miles came out on his YouTube channel in 2015-then transitioned online in 2017-his aim was to help other teens navigate their identities and take charge of their own coming-out stories. From that experience comes Out!, the ultimate coming-out survival guide for anyone questioning or queer. Out! covers questions big and small: How to stay safe when coming out in a toxic environment, what to do if you don't feel comfortable with your birth name, what style haircut best suits your identity, and how to find your chosen family. Miles offers readers coming-out conversation starters ("Can I have the bathroom pass? Also, the correct pronouns?"), a recipe for a very gay cake, and a guide to mastering the masculine haircut. You'll find resources for finding a gender therapist, pointers for being a queer ally, and Miles's Ten Commandments (#5: You are valid in your identity, even if you're the only one who can define it). If you're a person seeking answers, look no further! This book is for you. And remember: Whoever you are, you are worth fighting for.


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MILES FROM HOME: What My Life Was Like Before I Came Out
MILES OUT OF THE CLOSET: How I Came Out and How You Can Too
MILES TO GO: My Transition and How to Live Out and Proud
I AM MILES: Where I Am Now, What I Have Learned, and Where I m Going

Dear Reader,
Being true to yourself and standing proudly in your identity is a gift not only to yourself but to everyone you meet. Shining as who you are-because who you are is something to be celebrated-helps everyone you encounter feel free to do the same. Queer kids often hear about how it gets better; and while that may give them the strength to keep going, it leaves them with a daunting question to figure out on their own: How do I get through all of this now ? In a world that often makes queer kids feel like outcasts, coming out can feel impossible, and loving all of your identity can seem like an act of political resistance. I m grateful that you get to navigate that world with Miles McKenna at your side.
For me, being gay felt like a secret I d never be able to tell. I don t remember having many out and proud celebrities to look up to, gay musicians who sang about what I was going through, or even any queer friends or family whom I could ask advice or learn from. When I was figuring it all out, I couldn t go on the Internet and search coming-out stories. But today, one search on YouTube will yield thousands of firsthand accounts, from almost every perspective under the queer umbrella. You can find bisexual boys talking about the stigma they face within the community, transgender women of color speaking out about the unique challenges they encounter in their everyday life, asexuals explaining how they realized their identity was valid, and gay couples sharing their adoption stories. The Internet has given a platform to so many queer people to finally tell their story in their own way-and has connected young queer people not only to their communities, but also to their history. One person I am honored to see lead the charge is Miles.
I first met Miles at-of course-a Pride event. Before I finally went up to introduce myself, I watched as he met a few of his adoring fans. Miles is one of the brightest young creators on YouTube, one I ve been watching-completely in awe-for a while. He s got that X factor that every great creator has: a unique point of view, a fresh execution of creativity, a charm and a wit that draws you in, and a message that keeps you thinking. All of that in one person? It s a no-brainer that someone like that would find success in making YouTube videos.
But what set Miles apart for me was watching him connect with his viewers in person. He listened to them pouring their hearts out, some even breaking down in tears as they described how he helped them, or entertained them, or was there for them when they needed it most. He held their hands and looked them in the eyes with a sincerity that came from understanding exactly what they were going through-because he d been through it too. He not only listened, but he also heard. And he truly made them feel seen, understood, and validated. He did it over, and over, and over, because the line to meet him was endless. Giving that much of yourself can feel heavy, but Miles did it with grace and humility. In watching Miles exude this grace, I turned from a fan into a superfan.
When Miles and I finally did meet after he was done meeting all the young kids who looked up to him, one of the first things he told me was that I had helped make his own coming-out journey easier, and that he wanted to do the same for kids like him-others who are questioning their identities and wondering how to gather the courage to tell the people they love. I reassured him that he was already doing exactly that, and he was the perfect person to carry out that mission.
Miles is a beacon of hope for so many young queer people, and I m grateful for the amazing stuff he makes on the Internet. His videos have garnered millions of views around the world, and just by sharing his truth, he is literally changing the world. Not every creator takes this kind of opportunity seriously or understands the impact that they can have. While it s nobody s obligation to create videos for social good, I believe it s a missed opportunity when you don t use your platform to help those who look up to you. Watching Miles evolve over the years into one of the best creators on YouTube makes me feel like the future is in good hands, and that the queer kids today have someone who is on their side and ready to help. When I first found out Miles was going a step further and writing this book, I couldn t wait to read it and share it with anyone and everyone. A guide like this will save lives-plain and simple.
This guide doesn t read like a typical self-help book. Instead it s like taking a peek at Miles s personal journals, complete with brilliant anecdotes related to life-affirming questions (like choosing a name that best fits your gender expression) mixed with an incredible gaylist (a gay playlist . . . duh!) with bops to play at a cute little queer social event. This book is for so many kinds of people: teens who are questioning, parents hoping to understand, teachers wanting to learn so they can then teach. It works as a great personal companion as well as a guide for those seeking to be better support systems for their queer loved ones. Miles approaches his story with sensitivity and depth, but stays true to the very thing that made his fans-maybe you!-fall for him in the first place: his perfect balance of brutal honesty and hilarious introspection.
Miles does an incredible job acknowledging the weight of coming out while exploring what the experience really should be: a celebration. You re finally letting the people in your life know you better-what an incredible gift! And Miles has created a book that honors that celebration and shows how it all can actually be so much fun. Whether he s talking about experimenting with self-expression through new hairstyles or giving advice on delivering witty coming-out lines, Miles gives readers a one-of-a-kind survival guide that not only shows the light at the end of the tunnel, but how the journey through the tunnel can be just as shimmering.
Miles s candid voice-full of youthful energy-has made his coming out and transition story accessible to those who may be unfamiliar with the trans experience. The enigmatic spirit I found within minutes of meeting him shines through in all of his online content, and now in this book. Miles s mission is helping those who might be questioning their sexual orientations and/or gender identities-enabling them to find hope in times of the dark unknown. I wish I had had Miles Mckenna in my life when I was younger. Young, insecure, and closeted Tyler might have been less afraid to be himself after seeing the brave and unwavering confidence that Miles McKenna exudes effortlessly. We were lucky enough to have his videos; and now we re blessed to have his book! Okay, enough gushing from me. ENJOY!
Tyler Oakley
Hey, what s up, you guys? It s Miles! I m a queer, transgender, twenty-something-year-old guy who tries to be funny on the Internet like probably everyone else you know. But for this book, you can think of me like an older sibling, mentor, fairy godbrother, or, if you re willing, a member of your chosen family. I want to start this off by getting one thing straight (even if you aren t): You do not need someone s approval or acceptance to be who you are or to be proud of who you are.
If you re reading this, you might be questioning your gender or sexuality, getting ready to come out, or maybe all or none of the above. You might have family or friends who are experiencing those things, or maybe you re just a curious ally. But no matter where you re coming from, I m here to help you through it.
Now, I m sure you ve all heard the phrase don t worry, it gets better, and while this is often said with good intentions, for anyone who s ever needed that assurance, it s pretty much the most frustrating thing on the planet to hear. Like, lol OK, when is it going to get better? Because that part they were telling me not to worry about? It was pretty bad. All I wanted was a magic day on the calendar when suddenly everything would be right again, or really, right for the first time ever. When would it get better? In six months? Six years? It was even harder to he

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