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BEST OF MONTPELLIER 2020 Petit Futé , livre ebook

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Made for English-speaking people looking for good tips and good addresses in Montpellier, “Best of Montpellier” by Petit Futé is an essential how-to guide to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organize your visits and outings to be sure you will not get lost in this major city of France.



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Date de parution 21 février 2020
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Table des matières
Welcome To Montpellier!
Discovering the city
Going Out
Having fun – Sports & Leisure
Galerie photos
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© Petit Futé

© Petit Futé

© Petit Futé

© Petit Futé

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Welcome To Montpellier!
Today 8th city of France, Montpellier continues its vertiginous development. Although younger than the neighbouring cities as far as history is concerned, Montpellier is still considered the flagship of the region thanks to its incredible dynamism. The population is rather young, due to the high number of students living here. Animation, parties and frank Southern good mood will help you build unforgettable memories. The city also underwent important urban developments during the last years in terms of city plans and architecture, which are definetely oriented towards a thought out modernism. The existence of the largest pedestrian centre in France and urban requirements in terms of sustainable development are a proof of this will. The result is a beautiful harmony between the ancient buildings of the centre, many of which date back to the Middle Ages, and the most modern architectural achievements, some signed by renowned architects. The dynamism is also cultural, and the number of festivals and events which take place here is simply impressive. But no panic! Petit Futé is there to guide you through the incredible number of activities and visits.
Montpellier is also known for its good weather (the sun is shining on more than 300 days per year) and its closeness to the sea. There is everything you need to have a nice holiday, you can visit the city and go for a swim on the same day. If you are interested in seeing wild and preserved nature you will enjoy a getaway to the hinterland, either in the Camargue region, the Languedoc vineyards or the foothills of the Cevennes, where the landscape is enchanting.
Discovering the city

Discovering the city - Arc de Triomph in Montpellier.
© Leonid Andronov – iStockphoto


Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle
✆  04 67 60 60 60
Last weekend in November. Price: €3 for 3 tastings, a raffle ticket and a purchase coupon. Food service.

Every year, the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle fills up with wine lovers during the last weekend of November, the last month of the harvest. Montpellier celebrates the vine and wine with passion, on Fridays and Saturdays, and welcomes a wine-growing village where you are sure to find one of the agricultural wonders that make the wines of Occitania! Filled with sugar and gilded by the sun, the winegrowers select their grape varieties and always strive to live from their passion for wine while drawing quality wine production from the land. During these 2 days, you will benefit from conferences, blind tastings, wine bar, musical entertainment.
And on Sundays, the festival continues in the cellars and estates of the Montpellier area with tastings. Over the last few years, the events have brought together more than 125,000 people at each party!

Fairs – Shows

✆  04 34 88 76 68
May. Free admission.

In Montpellier, music, extreme sports and literature are celebrated every year during numerous festive events. La Comédie du Livre is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant events on the calendar. During this event, created in 1986 by the association Cœur de Livres, the city becomes the centre of literary and cultural meetings. The event takes place over three days and is structured around debates, workshops, exhibitions and readings. It is the perfect opportunity to meet authors, discover literary genres and get new information. Each year, the animation focuses on one country. In 2019, it was Switzerland.

Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle
Every Friday evening from July 12 to Friday August 30. Two tastings + glass: 5 €. Catering.

It is due to events like this that Montpellier is now renowned for being a festive, sunny and young city all over the country. The Estivales, which is a seasonal event, entertains the city during the summer season. Indeed, every Friday evening, the Charles de Gaulle esplanade becomes a large night market that attracts all the curious and gourmets. During this event, the place hosts dozens of exhibitors, craftsmen, booksellers and producers. They all sell their products in a very festive atmosphere punctuated by numerous musical entertainments.

Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
End of November to end of December. Every day. Nocturnes on Friday and Saturday until 10: 30pm. Food service.

The esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle lives according to the rhythm of the seasons. If summer is symbolized by the organization of the Estivales, the month of December has the Hivernales. Organized from November 28 to December 28, they revolve around a beautiful Christmas market and some animations. Amidst the fir trees and festive illuminations, about a hundred local merchants and craftsmen offer local products and specialities. Delicacies, oysters and mulled wine can be enjoyed without restraint in the middle of the decoration stalls, toys and craft jewellery. And if this is not enough to warm up the atmosphere, an ice rink, workshops and parades are also organised.

Route de la Foire
Parc des Expositions de Montpellier
January 27-29, 2020. Reserved for professionals in the wine buying and restaurant trades.

It's the world's leading organic wine fair! This event, which began in 1993, was initiated by a handful of winegrowers from the Association Interprofessionnelle des Vins Biologiques du Languedoc-Roussillon who had no other ambition than to make their products and the characteristics of the new vintage known to buyers. Today, nearly 1,000 producers from the four corners of the world, with 16 countries represented, meet every year in the south of France. One small drawback, however: only professionals can take advantage of the largest organic wine cellar in Europe and it is necessary to reserve your place several months in advance.

Cultural Events – Festivals

Zénith Sud
2733 avenue Albert Einstein
✆  04 67 60 35 65
At the end of May.Online ticketing.

This event is dedicated to hip-hop culture and, more specifically, breakdance. Organized by the association Attitude, this event gathers shows and urban culture, a combination that attracts thousands of spectators. During the event, the best crews in France compete against each other with choreographies in order to be qualified. One by one the dancers compete by presenting figures and try to rank their number 1 team. In the end, the winning team wins the Battle Of The Year France award, and qualifies for the international competition.

Bois de Grammont
From late July to early August. Opening of the doors at 8am, beginning of the music at 9am. Closed at midnight.

It is against a backdrop of electronic and underground music that this festival treats its listeners. Every summer, Grammont Wood becomes the backdrop for this dynamic, festive and colourful event. The place turns into a life-size dance floor during the day. Children and adults will find themselves there and let off steam in rhythm for a moment of pure sharing and conviviality. In total, Family Piknik presents about fifteen artists from Deep, House, Progressive and Techno, on two stages. For the occasion, the rendezvous wears its most beautiful colors and also offers a lot of activities for the youngest (entertainment, picnic, water games ...). Good mood guaranteed!

475, avenue du Comté de Nice
✆  04 99 77 00 17
September. Online ticketing service.

Since 2006, Montpellier has been the host of the most important festival in Europe dedicated to the Arts of the Arab world: Arabesques. Founded by the association Uni'Sons, it aims to promote Arab artists and encourage intercultural dialogue. The event takes place over several days and in differents places of the city: Domaine d'O, Montpellier Airport, Hôtel Mercure Comédie Centre, Théâtre Jean Vilar, Diagonal Capitole... The performances are varied and entertaining, ranging from dance to calligraphy, theatre and cinema. This uncommon event allows to apprehend and contemplate the productions of this pluralist culture.

4, rue des Trésoriers de la Bourse
Bureaux du Festival Architectures Vives
✆  04 67 92 51 17
At the beginning of June. Free access.

The well-named Architectures Vives festival is dedicated to showcasing the architects of today and tomorrow. The event surprises and challenges the curious on a stroll through the historic city center. It must be said that the festival has chosen the best setting to exhibit these original works: the courtyards of Montpellier's private mansions. These architectural treasures, stemming from the rich history of the city, are experiencing a second youth with the arrival of the unusual and contemporary projects of the artists. An opportunity to take a fresh look.

78, avenue du Pirée
✆  04 99 13 73 73
In October. Rates and online registration.

Created in 1979 at the instigation of the Jean-Vigo film club team, this Mediterranean Film Festival has grown over the years to become one of the most important events in the country dedicated to the

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